Tantus Vamp

I fell in love with the Tantus Vamp dildo the very first time I used it. I enjoy realistic dildos, with vein detailing and a bulbous head; this ticked all of my boxes and it’s a good size and girth. Tantus have a great reputation for making top quality toys and I have another of their collection (The Curve), so I was keen to add to it. I really like the Vamp’s looks, and after experiencing how incredible it feels, it has now become one of my favourite dildos.

Squishy Silicone

Tantus VampThe Tantus Vamp is 7″ long with a 1.7″ diameter shaft. It’s made from Tantus’ own make of 100% ultra premium silicone and it has a glossy finish. It feels a bit squishy, although it isn’t sticky. The bulbed head has a thick ridge which feels amazing going inside you. I have the pale skin coloured version but it also comes in a gorgeous shade of purple.

I’m Going In…

I lube up the Vamp and take my time with insertion. The girth of the head takes a little longer to insert, then once the bulbous part ‘pops’ inside, the rest of the shaft slides in easily. It stretches me the most at the head, but it’s a nice comfortable stretch and doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to be fully inserted.

Tantus VampThe thick, flat base is easy to grip as I pump the Vamp into my pussy. I enjoy thrusting for a while, building up my orgasm then I combine thrusting with a bullet held against my clit. I up the pace… my bullet buzzes away on my clit as the large rounded head of the Vamp pushes its way into my pussy. The girth stretches me and the squishy silicone feels delightful as I thrust harder. I increase the speed and feel my orgasm getting nearer. Pushing the Vamp inside my pussy again, I reach a body shaking orgasm and I realise I’ve been holding my breath. I exhale and push hard against the dildo, forcing it out of my pussy. And this is when I fell in love!

I’ve used the Tantus Vamp a few times before reviewing it, and it consistently does the job, providing me with big, jerking orgasms. I adore the size, shape, material and the thick base is so comfortable to hold and thrust with. It doesn’t have a suction pad, so you won’t be able to go hands-free with the Vamp.

Broad Head

Tantus VampI need clit stim as well as internal in order to be able to come, but my orgasms are so much more powerful thanks to the Tantus Vamp! It just hits the spot so well, and the silicone feels gorgeous. The large, broad head is perfect as it doesn’t feel stabby like some more tapered dildos.

Clean Up

The Tantus Vamp is boilable and dishwasher safe so you can get a really deep clean. I like to boil the kettle and pour boiling water into the sink, leaving the Vamp to soak for 8-10 minutes before removing (carefully!) and leaving to air dry. Then for a quicker clean, I use toy cleaner and rinse. There aren’t too many ridges to clean but do take care with the big one under the head to ensure you don’t miss any bits. 


I would recommend the Tantus Vamp to any fans of Tantus, and if you’ve never tried a Tantus toy, then you’re missing out! Its great for internal play and is safe to use the Vamp anally as well as vaginally, although I haven’t done yet (it’s a bit big for me just now).

If you would like to purchase the Tantus Vamp, you can get it from the Tantus website for $50.55 (GBP: £35.69).*

*Prices correct at time of publishing.

I purchased this item myself. No affiliate links are included in this post.