Ovo E6

The Ovo E6 is my first toy from Ovo. I really like their stylish collection, so I’ve had my eye on their products for a while. Berlin is Ovo’s birthplace, although they are now based in the states. Germans are known for their exceptional engineering skills so I tend to feel confident using German toys!


Ovo E6The Ovo E6 comes in a long white box displaying a photo of the product on the front. It doesn’t scream ‘sex toy’ at you, hubby even asked me what it was (surprisingly he didn’t assume it was a sex toy as almost everything I buy is). It looks like a luxury item and I’ve not even opened the lid yet.

Inside the box is a quality black coloured foam inner, with cut out pieces to hold the E6, USB charger, product catalogue and diagram instruction book. The bright pinky purple vibrator looks glorious against the dark grey foam. Presentation is so important, and Ovo have got it completely right.

The Dual Ended E6!

Ovo E6The vibrator is made from smooth, velvety silicone. It’s fairly light considering it has three motors, and the control buttons are in the centre as its dual ended. There’s a flash of silver at the top which contrasts against the gorgeous pinky purple colour. One end had two ‘arms’ which I’m going to refer from now on as ‘fingers’ because that’s what they feel like! They are very soft and flexible and genuinely do feel like someone’s fingers on my clitoris. Anyway – more of that later!!

It’s not totally flawless; there’s a very light seam at the top behind the largest finger but it’s hardly noticeable. There are 2 buttons, on/off and another to change the function. The on/off button also controls the motors – press and hold it once to turn on the motors in the fingers (there’s one in each), press and hold it again to turn on the larger bulbous end, and press it again to have all three motors working together. This might be useful if you are using the toy as a couple but going solo, I only have one end switched on.

It comes with a whopping 15 year warranty; I don’t think I’ve ever purchased a sex toy before with such a lengthy warranty. Ovo are clearly confident with their product!


Ovo E6Charging takes around 90 minutes. The Ovo E6 needs a full charge before using for the first time. You’ll need to pierce the silicone with the slim end of your charger – this is what makes the E6 fully waterproof as the silicone re-seals the hole after use. During charging, a pink light will flash and will remain on once charged.

Triple Motors

Yes, there are 3 motors in the Ovo E6! The ones in the fingers can’t be switched on separately, so both fingers vibrate. The vibrations are somewhat buzzy and not overly strong. They’re quite loud too but sound kind of odd, like an alien! They aren’t hugely powerful, which is bad news for my g-spot but good news for my clit.

The vibrations in the large, bulbous end are stronger, deeper and have a more rumbly feel. This end is a lot quieter than the fingers. There are 7 functions for each end – 5 patterns and 2 constant speeds. The charging / power light flashes in time to the vibrations, how cool!!

The Fingers!

Ovo E6At first I tried to use this end as a rabbit style vibrator, with the longer finger inside me. However, this didn’t quite work with my anatomy as the clit finger sat too high up on my pubic mound. So I had a play to see what worked best for me. The Ovo E6 is so flexible, you can bend and flex the fingers to do pretty much whatever you want!

I switch the motors on so just the top part of the E6 vibrates. The silicone is so lovely and gentle against my clit, and there’s no drag whatsoever. I hardly need any lube, so I just use a bit of clitoral stimulant instead. I begin teasing myself by running the fingers up and down each of my labia, then pushing the ends into my pussy. Once suitably warmed up, I move the fingers towards my clit.

Ovo E6As there are two and both have separate motors, I like to place one finger directly on my clit and the other either just above or just below it. I circle my clit, varying the pressure I apply. Closing my eyes, it feels like having a someone with me! The silicone is incredibly soft and bendy. I start with the larger, flatter finger on my clit and I gyrate myself against it, slowly building up my climax. Then I switch and use the shorter end for more direct pressure and move this more vigorously against my bud. Pressing down with my own finger, I quickly reach a gorgeous clitoral orgasm!

The Large End!

The large end has a totally different feel and very different vibrations and power. The silicone is firm and not flexible like the fingers, and the deeper vibrations are very quiet.

After my clitoral orgasm I’m ready for some g-spot stimulation. The large end slips in easily with hardly any lube required thanks to the smooth silicone. It fits tight against my g-spot, rumbling away on the highest constant speed. The buttons are just about accessible once it’s inside me. The fingers can’t reach my clit, so I use a separate vibrator on my clit to bring me quickly to orgasm number 2, which is so big it makes my legs shake! Thanks to the combined g-spot and clitoral pressure I feel this orgasm deep down inside my pussy and my clit and labia. Dual stimulation is incredible!

Clean Up

The Ovo E6 is totally waterproof so it can join you in the bath or shower. Being waterproof enables easy cleaning – I simply spritz my E6 with sex toy cleaner, rub and then rinse under the tap.


100% waterproof
3 motors
7 functions
Dual ended
Power / on light flashes to the vibrations


The vibrations in the fingers may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you prefer more gentle vibrations and softer material in your clitoris then this is the business. The larger end is great for g-spot play and has more powerful vibrations, I would say medium strength. The larger end isn’t huge, so ideal for someone who prefers a slightly more gentle touch and isn’t a power or size queen.

I also think this would be fab for couples as its dual ended making it quite versatile, and there are so many different ways you could use it.

To find out more about the Ovo E6, check out the Ovo website!

* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

I was sent this item in exchange for my honest review. No affiliate links have been used in this post.