Lovehoney Desire Luxury Bullet Vibrator

I have a few bullet vibrators all with varying speeds. This time I wanted a powerful bullet, but I can’t handle too much power directly on my somewhat delicate clitoris, so I need different options and speeds. I adore silicone, especially the silicone you get with the Lovehoney Desire range. I have two other items from the range, I’m a huge fan!  I purchased the Lovehoney Desire Luxury Bullet Vibrator when the We Vibe Tango didn’t do it for me (yes, you read that right. I hated it!)  The Desire is no less powerful, but the power doesn’t transmit as much as the silicone reduces it, making it more comfortable to use.

Packaging & Looks

Lovehoney Desire Luxury Bullet VibratorAnyone familiar with Lovehoney Desire products will know you can expect quality packaging. This item is no different; a classy and stylish grey and purple box comes wrapped in a clear film, and inside you will find a little zipped storage case which exhibits the Lovehoney logo in the corner. Inside the case is the gorgeous super soft Desire bullet, instruction booklet and USB charging cable. It doesn’t come with a mains plug but sex toys rarely do – I plug mine into a plug I have at home.

Sadly, the Lovehoney Desire Luxury Bullet Vibrator didn’t come with any charge so I had to wait a whole 90 minutes for it to charge up.  I love it when sex toys come with a small amount of charge as I’m not the most patient person in the world, but at least 90 minutes isn’t too long.  The bullet has strong magnetic clips to attach the charger, then you simply lay it flat and leave it to charge up.

The Lovehoney Desire Luxury Bullet Vibrator is flawless – seamless silky smooth silicone with the little Lovehoney heart logo embossed at the bottom. It’s a gorgeous purple shade.

Functions & Features

Lovehoney Desire Luxury Bullet VibratorThe Desire has 3 power levels and 17 patterns. The tip is tapered for pinpoint precision, but if that’s not your bag you can hold it at an angle for a slightly less tapered feel. Or you can hold it lengthways down your vulva, next to your clit, for broad stimulation. When fully charged you get approximagely one hour of play. It has a single push button to scroll through the different intensities and patterns, so sadly you can’t go back to the last pattern. However, it does boast a memory function so it will remember the last setting you used when you switch it back on.

It’s waterproof (submersible) so can be used in the bath or shower, and being waterproof makes it so much easier to clean!

Does it pack a punch?

Comparing this vibrator with the We Vibe Tango, thankfully it’s a tiny bit less powerful. I say thankfully, as the Tango is too much for me! The Lovehoney Desire Luxury Bullet Vibrator feels incredibly strong but the silicone makes it a little more comfortable to use directly on your clitoris. Despite the soft silicone, I can’t handle this on the higher settings but I love the lower ones.

Whisper Quiet?!

Noise wise it’s not too noisy considering the power you get from such a small, innocent looking bullet! But I wouldn’t call it ‘whisper quiet’ as it suggests in the instructions.

In Use

Lovehoney Desire Luxury Bullet VibratorI like to use this alone or with a vaginal dildo, plus some lube or clit gel. I work my way up with the Desire; starting with the lowest constant speed and using it on my labia, occasionally popping the very end inside me. Holding it on its side, I press the Desire Bullet along the length of my pussy so I can feel the powerful vibrations push their way into me and I feel an orgasm begin to stir.

I like to use the tip but hold it at an angle so it isn’t too pinpoint, and I press it just to the side of my throbbing but sensitive clit. Holding it here for a while I can feel my orgasm build, so I remove it and circle my clit gently for a while, letting the waves of my orgasm start to fade until I give in and angle it next to my clitoris again. The power is so much that I can hardly bear it directly on my little bud but I don’t need to; the power transfers easily. I can come quite quickly with the Desire but it’s so much more fun to tease myself for a while!

Orgasm Rating & Recommendations

The silky, luxurious silicone of the Desire wraps around such an incredibly powerful vibrator. I’m very impressed with it and it offers me consistently strong orgasms. I’d recommend this to those who like power but if you’re particularly sensitive, then it may be too much for you. I wouldn’t recommend it as an internal toy as it’s quite small, although personally I enjoy the feeling of popping the head just inside me. Definitely not for anal though! This would get lost incredibly quickly!

Lovehoney Desire Luxury Bullet Vibrator


The Desire Bullet is easy peasy to clean as it’s waterproof and there are no ridges or bumps for bacteria to live in.

Where to get yours!

Treat yourself to the gorgeous Lovehoney Desire Luxury Bullet Vibrator from Lovehoney, for just £34.99*.

*Prices correct at time of publishing.

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