Eroticon 2018

This year I decided to attend my first ever Eroticon.  I’ve been blogging for a year and I wanted to use the opportunity to meet some of my fellow bloggers, as well as learn more about the adult industry, meet some of the companies I’ve purchased products from and find out about new products on the market.  I had an absolute blast, and will definitely be returning next year!  Here are some of my highlights.

Friday Night Meet & Greet

I stayed at the same hotel as @CandysReviews so we travelled by tube to the meet and greet together, which was wonderful – it took away my nerves to be able to walk in with someone else.  Candy is super nice and so easy to get along with, so she really helped put me at ease.  One of the first things I noticed about Candy were her super high sparky platform shoes which caused quite a stir on Twitter as people had very mixed opinions about them!  I for one loved them, in fact I had massive shoe envy as she bounced around on them.

I met with an array of lovely bloggers, it was certainly one of the highlights for me getting to meet people I’ve been chatting to for so long.  I chatted with Divafoof, Luv Bunny, AuroraGlory and Victoria who had travelled all the way from the states!  She certainly made my journey from the South West feel a lot shorter.  Thanks to Victoria for the ‘Women’s Orgasms Matter’ bracelet and sticker!  I met the organisers of the conference – massive well done to them!  They were Mollysdailykiss, DomSigns and girlonthenet.  I also met PosyChurchgate, IsabelleLauren, Sheets of San Francisco, Kink Craft, CaraTheron, Sub1Sub, LisaVen, Monika from Godemeiche, Sub-Bee and TabithaRayne.

So the music played, voices were loud and drinks were flowing. A few shots of jager later and we were at the bar, trying to order tequilla when we were told the bar was closing (was it that time already?).  Onwards to ‘Spoons we went!

And this is where it got a bit weird.  Candy, Divafoof and I approached the front door of the Wetherspoons next door.  “Evening ladies” said the doorman, cheerily.  “Got any ID?”

What the actual fuck?  ID?  For ‘Spoons?!!  What has happened to our world!  We refused point blank to show any ID and turned on our heels (Candy turning on her platforms) and quick marched away.  ID for ‘Spoons indeed!

We decided to try somewhere else, but hunger got the better of us so we ended up in the nearest MacDonalds.  When we were served, we forgot to collect our drinks and headed towards the door.  The man who served us ran towards us with our drinks, and we thanked him before taking them from him.  “What are you ladies doing in London?” he asked.  “We’re sex bloggers” Divafoof replied.  He smiled, and looked at us in disbelief.  “Sex bloggers?  Have you got any ID?”  And there we went again – is Camden obsessed with ID’ing everyone?  Although funnily enough, we did have ID – we had our Eroticon badges on!  So this time we showed it.

We took our filthy MacDonands back to the hotel and ate it in my room, discussing blogging and having a good old catch up.  Bedtime came at 1am, and we said our goodbyes for the evening.

The Conference


Some of my personal highlights of the conference are discovering oral sex lipgloss and finding some gorgeous nipple pasties in my goody bag (thanks Bijoux Indescrets!), trying ElectraStim for first time, making floggers with Sum1Sub and not realising it was him, Candy’s sparkly wedges, getting a ‘Being Normal is Boring’ t-shirt from the lovely chaps at  I also bought a book to take on holiday with me, written by the inspiring and hilarious Girl on the Net who opened the conference with a kick-ass talk that really got us all going!  She included a mug in our goody bags which says “Your words can change the world”.  It’s a phrase I have repeated to myself several times since the conference finished.

The sponsors and exhibitors were all so lovely, I was really impressed by the stand displays especially Hot Octopuss, Rocks Off and Bijoux Indescrets.

The talks were inspiring and humourous at times; well done to all the speakers.  I particularly enjoyed Remittance Girl’s talk on Taboo, pushing boundaries and social norms.  Kayla Lord’s session on how to make money from your blog was very useful and was well received.  I enjoyed Emmeline Peaches‘ talk on sex toy activism and learned a lot from her.  I’m also going to use Emmeline as my inspiration to get back into my fitness, eat more vegan food and rediscover my passion for running!

Goody Bag


It would probably take less time to tell you what wasn’t in my goody bag!  It was pretty well stacked.  On top of the Eroticon goody bag I also got one from Bijoux Indescrets and some merchandise from

Favourite Quotes

In the Kinkcraft session, tieing knots in cord in order to make a flogger:


Cara Thereon: “This is so theraputic.  I used to do this as a kid”.

Me: “What, make floggers?  Where on earth did you grow up?!”

Sub-Bee & CandysReviews exchange at lunch:

Sub-Bee: “Your accent is great, you should do an erotica podcast!”

CandysReview: “Oh no! Can you imagine? I’d sound like Danny Dyer… Get it in you, you slaaaaag”

During Annabelle Knight‘s talk:

“I taught Philip Schofield how to use nipple clamps.”

During Remittance Girl’s session on Taboo:

“Society values health, cleanliness, beauty.  Find the eroticism in dirt, disease, poverty.  Rub your cunt on the stump of a lepper.”

Eroticon – you were awesome.  Roll on next year!