So Divine Lovesexy Silky Touch Vibrator

I was sent the So Divine Lovesexy Silky Touch Vibrator in exchange for my honest review, thanks to the lovely people at So Divine.  You can follow them on Twitter at @SoDivine_UK and their website is here.


So Divine Lovesexy Silky Touch VibratorThe So Divine Lovesexy Silky Touch Vibrator comes in a small white box with a purple background.  It’s the sort of size you can retain and use for storage. It’s very cute, with a little cut out window to the back so you can see the vibrator within. There’s a picture of the vibrator on the front of the box.

Silky Touch Vibrator

Inside you will find the vibrator and an instruction card. It takes 1 AA battery which I was pleased to see was included. It’s such a small thing for a sex toy company to include, but it’s so nice to buy something you can use straight away without having to hunt for a battery! The battery goes into the screw compartment on the base. It’s easy to open and close the compartment. You will need to remove the small piece of cardboard inside before first use.

The purple silicone feels very soft. Even the ridges do – they look like they won’t be soft, but when you touch them they feel smooth and gentle and they feel the same when on your body. The battery cap is also the push button which switches the vibrator on and off, and changes the speed or function. The button is big and easy to reach for when playing. It’s a diddy little vibe at just 3.7″ long.


So Divine Lovesexy Silky Touch VibratorThe So Divine Lovesexy Silky Touch Vibrator boasts 3 constant speeds and 7 patterns. I’ll talk about the constant speeds – the first is quiet and gentle, but feels fabulous. It’s not so gentle that it’s not worth using this speed. Speed 2 is medium; still very quiet and great for a warm up. The most powerful is speed 3, which is a little louder and stronger; not We-Vibe Tango strength, but it has more than enough power to bring me to orgasm. I occasionally enjoy a pattern and some of the ones provided are nice, but in the main I prefer constant speeds. I like the fact there are 3 of them, different speeds for different needs!

In Use

If using lubricant with your So Divine LovesexySilky Touch Vibrator, you’ll need to use a water-based one as the sleeve is silicone. Read more about the reason for this here.

So Divine Lovesexy Silky Touch VibratorThe vibrations feel really good as the silicone sleeve is so soft against your skin. The head is flat, so it doesn’t offer pinpoint stimulation but rather a more broad stimulation when used upright with the flat head against your clitoris. Or, for a gentle tease, use it lengthways over your entire vulva. I love using the flat tip. I don’t like too pinpoint stimulation as it can feel painful on my sensitive clit, so this feels great as I can use it right on the tip without it hurting me.

I also enjoy pushing the vibrator right down onto my clit for increased sensations, and it still doesn’t feel too intense.

The ridges feel nice and gentle. In fact, I can’t really notice them. Putting the bullet inside me I can a little more, but not when it’s against my vulva. They look cute but they don’t really add much for me. I enjoy ridged internal vibrators, but not so much on a bullet.

Noise wise, it’s really quiet. Under a duvet you can hardly hear it, except on the highest constant speed.

With a Partner

So Divine Lovesexy Silky Touch VibratorI like to use this occasionally during sex with my hubby. It’s great for couples as it’s small and discreet, a gender neutral colour and also rather quiet. It makes me orgasm whilst hubby is inside me, which is something both him and I love! I can’t orgasm through penetration alone so I love to use something on my clit whilst he is inside. I love the feeling of having my pussy stretched with his cock and he loves feeling my pussy contract around him as I come.

Removable Sleeve

I have also used the So Divine Lovesexy Silky Touch Vibrator without the silicone sleeve. It’s easy to remove, just pull it off (excuse the pun)!  I couldn’t notice any difference in power without it, and it’s still quiet.  The sleeve feels softer against my clitoris than the naked vibrator, but the vibrations transfer very well through the sleeve.

Favourite Things

The things I love most about the So Divine Lovesexy Silky Touch Vibrator the most are: The colour, the soft silicone, the broad flat head, the large button, and the range of power in the constant speeds. I also love how cute it is!


If using the So Divine Lovesexy Silky Touch Vibrator with lube or inside you, take extra care when cleaning the ridges. Personally I like to use sex toy cleaner to give it a thorough clean, ensuring I spray it into all the grooves.

If you remove the sleeve during play, don’t forget to clean both the bullet and the sleeve afterwards.


  • Ridged, removable soft silicone sleeve, phthalate-free
  • ABS + metal coated bullet inside
  • 3 constant speeds, 7 patterns
  • Quiet
  • Fully waterproof


If you like soft feeling silicone, slightly gentler vibrations and a small, cute, discreet vibrator, then you’ll love the Lovesexy! Great for going solo or use with a partner. Power queens needing a wand or a Tango to reach orgasm may not find this is enough for them.

How to Get Yours!

You can buy the So Divine Lovesexy Silky Touch Vibrator for just £15.99* on the So Divine website.

* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

I was sent this item in exchange for my honest review. No affiliate links have been used in this post.