Satisfyer Pro2

I was sent the Satisfyer Pro2 by Satisfyer, in exchange for my honest review.  Thank you team!  Follow them on Twitter @SatisfyerCOM.


Satisfyer Pro2The packaging for Satisfyer products is typically crisp, stylish and attractive. If you prefer to keep your toy boxes for storage, then this could work, however it’s quite large so would take up quite a lot of space in your toy drawer/box/room (delete as appropriate!!)  I personally prefer to use a storage bag as it takes up less space.  Sadly, Satisfyer toys don’t come with storage bags included.

Your box will contain the Satisfyer Pro2, a USB charging cable and instruction book.

The Satisfyer

The Satisfyer Pro2 comes in a gorgeous gold colour.  I love the shape, it’s so comfortable to hold.  The white silicone head is removable, so is easy to clean without risking damaging the toy.  The head is thick and soft which feels lovely against skin.  I don’t always find suction toys to be the prettiest toys on the market, save for perhaps the utterly gorgeous Satisfyer Penguin; and in a way the Satisfyer Pro2 looks like a periscope!

Satisfyer Pro2The Satisfyer is made of ABS plastic and is non-porous, which makes it body safe. To operate, there is a simple on/off button and another button which is used to select the speed/power.  Unfortunately, as it only has one button, it isn’t possible to select a speed up or down; so you’ll need to scroll through which can be frustrating.  Please note the next generation Satisfyer Pro2, which is available now, does have a scroll function.


In total there are 11 speeds, all of which are quite powerful, even the lowest ones.  So this should suit the Power Queens out there!  When you switch on the Satisfyer Pro2, it starts at the lowest speed (which may sound obvious, but there are some toys out there which don’t!) and there are only constant speeds, no patterns.

How Does It Feel?

Satisfyer Pro2There’s a big difference between air pressure toys, and vibrators. With air pressure, you get a sucking sensation but this is combined with a ‘thudding’ sensation. The head sits around the outside of your clit, not directly on it so you will need to part your outer labia first.  For comfort I like to apply a small amount of water-based lubricant on the head.  If you are going to use lube, please ensure it is water-based so it doesn’t damage the silicone.

On switching on the Satisfyer Pro2, it sounds a bit like a motorbike starting up.  Not terribly sexy – but don’t be too alarmed; once the toy makes contact with you, the sound will reduce quite considerably.  To avoid this awful noise, you can place the head around your clit before you switch on the Satisfyer.  If you suddenly hear a loud, gurgling noise during play it means the Pro2 has lost contact with your skin so you will need to reposition it.

The soft silicone head feels comfortable against my body.  I can’t say it feels quite as pinpoint as the Satisfyer Penguin, although it does provide quite direct stimulation.  Personally I find the thick silicone head is more comfortable than the slimline head of the Penguin.

Satisfyer Pro2I find even the lowest speeds powerful so you won’t get a gentle start using this!  I like to have a play before I switch on the Satisfyer to ensure my clit is ready for the Satisfyer’s powerful suction, as once it’s on me, orgasm follows pretty quickly!

I like to apply the silicone head around my clit and lie back to allow the Satisfyer Pro2 to work its magic.  This is a low-effort toy as you really don’t need to make any effort, so it’s ideal for a lazy sexxion.  I find the suction Satisfyer toys provide make me orgasm faster than almost any other type of toy!  I enjoy using the first, second and third speeds, but I honestly can’t handle any more.  My climax feels amazing, my legs involuntarily clasp shut around the Pro2 and my entire body shakes in delight. A benefit of using non-direct clitoral stimulation is you don’t get numb, allowing you to go again and again!  Hello multiple orgasms!

Satisfyer tip: If you reach a higher speed and it’s too powerful, switch the Pro2 off and switch it back on again. Must faster than scrolling through the speeds to return to the lower one.


  • 11 speeds
  • Rechargeable
  • Air pressure technology
  • Soft silicone head


Satisfyer Pro2So noise aside, and ignoring the fact there is only one button and i can’t scroll through the speeds, I really love the Satisfyer Pro2. I can orgasm with this toy incredibly easily and it’s one of my favourite air pressure toys.


Certainly a toy for Power Queens and Kings! I would also recommend this to people who like soft silicone, and literally everyone who has a clitoris. This style of toy is so good, and for me, the Satisfyer Pro2 is my favourite of all of the Satisfyer family.

How to get yours!

You can buy the Satisfyer Pro2 from Lovehoney, this version being the new generation version, which is quieter and has more buttons enabling you to scroll through the settings.  Currently available at £69.99*, get yours here!

* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

I was sent this item in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are included in this post. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I make a small commission which contributes to the purchase of more products to review.  Thank you for your support!