First of all, I’d like to say thank you to the team at So Divine for sending me their latest product, the Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit!

I love So Divine products. I have an ample collection; butt plugs, bullets and a gorgeous wand! And now I have their rabbit to join my ever-expanding toy drawers, hurrah!

First of all, the packaging. So what does the rabbit inhabit?! Well, it’s a fairly large purple and white box sealed with cellophane wrap.  Remove the wrap and lift up the lid.  Inside, you will find…..

The Rabbit

Let's Go Crazy Vibrating RabbitThe Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit is housed in thick, cut out foam alongside a magnetic charger with USB end, an instruction card and a mains plug!  I love it when toy companies include a plug, sadly they rarely do.  Top marks to So Divine, I also have their Wand and that had a mains plug as well.  I’m impressed enough, but even more so when I discover a thick, quality storage bag underneath the foam with the So Divine logo sewn into the side.

The Rabbit is a dual vibrator designed to stimulates your clitoris and g-spot simultaneously. It has a slightly contoured shaft with a curve that aims for your sweet spot. It’s made from silicone and feels beautifully soft.

The shaft and the clitoral stimulator both have a motor in the end for double the pleasure! The rabbit has 7 speeds and 7 patterns in each of the two motors, each of the patterns having 7 levels of strength so you have lots of options!  I love dual stimulation toys as I can reach a powerful orgasm with both of my most sensitive spots being caressed.

I would say the main selling point for this product is its heat function! It heats up to body temperature, around 37 – 38 degrees, which makes it feel more life-like.

Down the rabbit hole

Let's Go Crazy Vibrating RabbitI embark on my favourite habit with my rabbit, and start off by covering it in lube! I apply a small blob to the shaft, plus a tiny bit of clitoral stimulant to my body. I switch it on at its lowest setting and insert the shaft into my pussy, pushing slowly until the bulbous end reaches my g-spot.

The clitoral stimulator lines up really well with my clit, which is something I don’t always find with rabbit vibrators. What I really like though is how flexible and bendy the clitoral stimulator is, I can move it around against my clit and change up my moves to suit my mood.

I get my body and my rabbit into position, and then we’re…

…at it like rabbits!

I enjoy circling my clit and moving the stimulator backwards and forwards, building up faster as I approach orgasm. I am amazed by how quickly I can come with the rabbit! I think it may be down to the heat function. I wasn’t sure if I would like the heat function or not, so I kept an open mind but I can tell you now that I love it! The Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit feels incredible once the heat kicks in. Simply press the ‘H’ button on the front of the vibrator and leave it to heat up. The light on the rabbit will flash different colours so you know it is heating, but it takes a bit of time so I usually start enjoying myself whilst it’s getting warm. It’s not something I notice straight away, but after orgasm I tend to leave the rabbit inside me, gently vibrating against my g-spot. It feels so lovely, I don’t want to rush withdrawal! I gently pull the vibrator out of my pussy, and that’s when I can really notice the warmth. It’s such a gorgeous feeling! The silicone is very slightly draggy, which I quite like, so I take my time.

Let's Go Crazy Vibrating RabbitThe vibrations are most definitely on the rumblier side and they feel beautifully deep against both my clit and g-spot. Often I find with rabbits that one of the motors is more buzzy, but both of these feel equally as good. I love to warm up on speed 1 and work my way up to speed 6 or 7. The patterns feel delicious, I occasionally start off a session with one of them but my preference is for a constant speed.

Noise wise, it’s not the quietest; I’d say it’s middle of the range in terms of volume. However, as the rabbit gives a deeper vibration, the sound is lower pitched so it isn’t like being in bed with a bumble bee!

And they call it bunny love

I’m so delighted with the So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit! After only a few uses I know it’s going to be one of my favourite toys. The things I love the most are the heat function, soft silicone, flexible clitoral stimulator and the fit with my anatomy. I also love the amount of speeds and patterns it has, so I can vary my play time.

Let's Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit


I’d recommend the Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit to fans of dual clitoral and g-spot stimulation, anyone who can achieve a blended orgasm, people who enjoy a softer, more flexible toy against their clitoris, and fans of deep, rumbly vibrations.

Where to buy your bunny!

If you’d like to cohabit with this rabbit, head over to the So Divine website and pick yours up for £64.99* from So Divine.

*Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

I was sent this item in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are included in this post. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I make a small commission which contributes to the purchase of more products to review, but it doesn’t cost you any extra.  Thank you for your support!