Rocks Off Purple Heart

I’ve been using Rocks Off toys for a while now. I love their range of bullets, but there are lots of other adult product styles on their website. I chose the Rocks Off Purple Heart because (a) I was intrigued by the shape, and (b) I love the colour. Thanks to Rocks Off for sending me this product in exchange for my honest review!

How does it look?

Rocks Off Purple HeartIn its box, it looks intriguing. It’s an unusual shape and is housed in a black, patterned box. The features are listed on the back.

The Rocks Off Purple Heart reminds me of a devil’s tail! It has a long, smooth and shiny handle with a silicone heart at the end. It’s very tapered towards the tip but also offers a large, flattish surface area for broad stimulation. It’s a gorgeous dark purple colour with a contrasting gold battery compartment.

The silicone heart feels really soft and smooth.  I did notice a bit of visible glue just visible behind the buttons, but otherwise it looks pretty good.

It comes with batteries included (hurrah!) and takes 4 x AAAs. The battery compartment is quite stiff at first; you need to push it straight down to get it open. Once you master the art of this, it’s quite straightforward!

Features, Functions & Vibrations

Rocks Off Purple HeartThere are 2 buttons, one to turn the Rocks Off Purple Heart on and off, and the other to change the function. It’s not possible to scroll backwards and forwards so you need to keep pressing the function button to change speeds or patterns. Talking of which, there are 3 constant speeds and 7 patterns.

Noise wise, it’s relatively quiet on the first two constant speeds as they are deep, rumbly and low-pitched. The third constant speed is louder and more buzzy. For a battery operated toy, it’s rather powerful! When you switch the toy on, it always starts on the lowest constant speed, which is great for me as that’s the one I tend to start on.

Did my heart skip a beat?

Rocks Off Purple HeartI must say, I heartily enjoyed the Purple Heart! The first constant speed is low and super rumbly. I enjoy pushing the tapered tip inside my pussy and gently grinding it in small circles, feeling it vibrate deep inside me. I like to mix things up and use the tapered end for some pinpoint clitoral stimulation, before moving back to using the flattish surface of the heart for some super broad sensations. I like to use the first constant speed, then a couple of the patterns and then I return to constant speed number 2 which I know will bring me to orgasm. I feel the rush deep inside me, and the sudden and familiar compulsion to open my legs as wide as I can, literally pushing the orgasm out. The power at setting 2 is always enough to finish me off without needing to move up to speed 3!

The Rocks Off Purple Heart is 100% waterproof, so you can use it in the shower for some steamy water play. Just ensure the battery compartment is properly closed.


Rocks Off Purple HeartI would recommend the Rocks Off Purple Heart to fans of any gender who like a bit of variety. You have the choice of tapered or broad stimulation, different speeds and patterns, as well as bath or shower play. It’s also reasonable in terms of power and has some lovely deep vibrations. It’s a lovely gender neutral purple colour, and the packaging is relatively discreet.

Where to buy!

The Rocks Off Purple Heart is available here for £34.99.*

* Prices were correct at the time of advertising.

I was sent this item in exchange for my honest review. No affiliate links have been used in this post.