I treated myself to the Barely There babydoll as I love the colour purple, and none of my other babydolls are push up. This one is a little different to my others and it really stood out. Lovehoney’s own lingerie is also good quality in my experience.

First Impressions

Lovehoney Barely There Purple Push Up Babydoll on the bed with the thongLike with all Lovehoney lingerie, packaging is minimal. It comes in a plain, plastic package – personally I’d rather not have any more plastic to recycle, therefore a paper bag or piece of tissue paper would suffice for me.

Upon removing it from the bag the first things I noticed were the gorgeous colour; a rich and luxurious shade of purple, the thick bra straps and the silky soft sheer fabric. I made a mental note to ensure my nails were smooth so as not to damage the fabric, and tried it on.

How does it fit?

Woman wearing the Barely There babydoll, cleavage shotI’m a size 8 – 10, with 32DD boobs, a petite frame and I’m 5’1. I bought the Barely There in a size Medium. I like a bit of support from my lingerie in case I want to wear it out, and I find this offers great support to my big boobs. It pushes them up too, creating a lovely cleavage. The sheer material of the cups sits over some light padding, and with the sweetheart neckline, my boobs look as though they belong in a period drama! It’s ultra flattering. The full, padded cups contrast with the swishy, light fabric which loosely hangs over the rest of my body. I can feel the cups holding in my breasts and I enjoy this feeling as much as I enjoy the lighter part of the body brushing over my skin. It’s one of those outfits where you don’t only look good, but you feel so sexy and naughty wearing it.

How does it look?

Petra Pan modelling the Barely There babydollI’ll let you be the judge of that! The photos show my impressive cleavage. The bra strap with hook and eye fastening provides a good fit, I wear this on the loosest fitting and it’s still fairly tight. The purple flatters my skin, and is one of those shades that should flatter any skin type as, although it’s purple, it isn’t too dark. It looks fantastic against lightly tanned skin.


I would recommend the Barely There to people who enjoy a spot of cleavage enhancement and fans of floaty material. The body is sheer so you can see a glimpse of flesh through it, but as it isn’t skin tight, it should hide the occasional lump and bump or stretch mark. The size I purchased fits me beautifully. If you are bigger than a DD cup, I would recommend buying the large as the body should fit any size with it being floaty.

How to get yours!

You can get your Barely There babydoll from Lovehoney! Currently priced at £16.50.*

* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

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