Calexotics Marvelous Flicker

The lovely people at Lovehoney sent me the Calexotics Marvelous Flicker tongue vibrator item in exchange for my honest review. Thanks Lovehoney!

I’ve only got one other Calexotics item, this is my second and I’m seriously impressed with the company’s products. I think I may need to increase my collection! You can follow Calexotics on Twitter – search for @CalExotics.

Packaging & Looks

Calexotics Marvelous FlickerYou’ll see by the photos that the Calexotics Marvelous Flicker comes in the most awesome packaging. The bright, retro style box is very in-your-face and demands attention! The box is incredibly sturdy, with a magnetic closure on the lid. It’s far too nice to bin, so I’m keeping mine for storage. Inside you’ll see some cut-out foam housing the tongue vibrator and USB charger. If you remove the foam, you can store your tongue, charger and a few other toys inside. If you like to travel, why not put some toy cleaner and lube in and take the Calexotics Marvelous Flickerwhole thing?

Inside the lid of the box you’ll find some simple operating instructions, so there is no separate instruction booklet. On the back of the box is more information about your exciting new toy.

The Calexotics Marvelous Flicker

The tongue vibrator is a very unsubtle shade of hot pink. I don’t mind the colour at all, but it may put some folk off. The phthalate-free silicone is soft and the upper part of the tongue is flicked upwards, with the tip offering some very pinpoint stimulation. The underneath side of the tongue bulges outwards in the middle offering a more broad type of stimulation, so there are different usage options. There are no ridges or bumps so it isn’t a fully realistic tongue, but it feels fabulous. It’s also fully waterproof; hurrah!

There are two different buttons on the base of the Calexotics Marvelous Flicker vibrator. One switches it on/off and the other selects the function. Both buttons light up and flash when the tongue is charging.
Before each use, you’ll have to disengage the automatic travel lock by pressing and holding the upper button for 2 seconds.

Travel locks are really useful when travelling with your sex toys; you don’t want to put your luggage down and hear a buzzing sound! Not just for the embarrassment, but it’ll drain your battery and that will never do.


Calexotics Marvelous FlickerThe Calexotics Marvelous Flicker comes with a little bit of charge, but if you choose to charge it fully it takes just 2.5 hours.

On the base of the handle is a small hole; poke the end of the charger through the hole to pierce the silicone and push it all the way in before you start charging.

Noise & Vibrations

Noise wise, this is incredibly quiet. Considering the power of the tongue, it only emits a very gentle sound. The vibrations are powerful and definitely fall into the ‘deep and rumbly’ category! No irritating high-pitched clit-numbing buzzing from this tongue.
When you switch it on, you can literally see the tip flickering, it’s amazing! I filmed it to send it to a friend. It’s so unusual, the only toy of this kind in my collection.
The Calexotics Marvelous Flicker vibrating tongue has 10 functions – 3 constant speeds, and 7 patterns.

How does it feel?

Calexotics Marvelous FlickerTo begin, I like to warm up with the tongue by gently rolling it down my body. It is the closest thing I’ve found to a real tongue and it feels divine! I hover the vibrating tip of the tongue over my nipples for an insane pleasure/pain feeling; wow! I don’t tend to apply lube at this stage as I like to use it dry, and then I pop a blob of stimulating clitoral gel on my clit so my pussy is wet when the tongue reaches it.

Rolling the tongue down my body, it reaches my vagina lips. Holding the tongue on it’s underneath side, I press its full length into my vulva. Then I enjoy flicking it over and using its ultra pinpoint tip to ‘lick’ up and down my labia. I close my eyes; it feels so real! Then I like to poke the end into the entrance to my pussy. I can hardly wait any longer to get it on my clit… I start by encircling my little bud and pressing the tip either side, but not directly touching my clit. When I’m suitably warmed up and can’t take it any longer, I lightly press the end onto my aching clit and it isn’t much longer before I’m squirming in the delights of an orgasm.

I enjoy using the speeds more than the patterns; and there are 3 of them. I can climax on all three, but if you like a bit of power then I’d recommend the third strength. The power is fairly strong and extremely pinpoint if you’re using the tip, but the tongue is versatile as you can use it at any angle, on the front or the back!


Anyone who likes a bit of tongue action will love this. You can use it anywhere – nipples, clit, labia; if you’re male how about trying it on your balls, or licking it up and down your frenulum. It’s quiet too, so should be OK for people who house share.

The only potential drawback is the colour. It’s a hot pink, super bright – even garish, so for people who prefer a subtle toy it may be too much.

How to get yours!

Visit Lovehoney to get your own tongue for £49.99*!

* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

I was sent this item in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are included in this post. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I make a small commission which contributes to the purchase of more products to review.  Thank you for your support!