Fun Factory Amorino

The gorgeous Fun Factory Amorino rabbit vibrator was sent to me in exchange for an honest review by the lovely folk at Lovehoney, thanks team!

Rabbit vibrators are a bit hit-and-miss with me, I find. Some of them don’t reach my clit, some over-reach, and some don’t have enough internal power. Or perhaps I’m just fussy… it’s possible! I do enjoy dual stimulation though, I find my orgasms are bigger when my clitoris is being stimulated as well as my g-spot.

Packaging & Looks

Fun Factory AmorinoWith all the Fun Factory products I own (there are a few), the packaging is exceptional. A vibrant, coloured sleeve showcases the product and inside is a drawer-style gold box which screams luxury and makes me want to hold it aloft in admiration at it’s beauty. The luxury continues as I open the drawer to reveal a beautiful turquoise coloured rabbit style vibrator with a vibrant yellow band. The official colour is ‘petrol’, it’s quite striking. Also in the box are a charger and instruction booklet.

First impressions are good; I love the unusual colour and design. There’s an arrow and heart design embossed in the silicone, next to the clitoral arm, and the yellow band intrigues me. It’s a stimulating band, designed to remain on the Fun Factory Amorino during use in order to caress your labia, clit and/or pereneum. It’s quite a small vibrator, and fits neatly in my hand, with a firm and curved shaft ideal for g-spot or p-spot play. The silicone feels thick and smooth, and a little draggy – this is quite normal for Fun Factory toys so nothing to worry about. Just ensure you use plenty of water-based lube.

Weight-wise it’s fairly light, comfortable to hold with a nice smooth gold handle. It’s not particularly long with 3.5 inches of insertible length, which makes it ideal for reaching your g-spot which sits only 1-3 inches inside your vagina.

Patterns & Vibrations

Fun Factory AmorinoThe Fun Factory Amorino has lots of functions to keep you happy; 6 constant speeds and 6 patterns. Turn the Amorino on and the lowest constant speed purrs into action. Scroll up to explore the others. I find them vibrations are more of a low pitched rumble than a higher pitched buzz, which I quite like. The top couple of speeds boast the most power and are quite strong! If you prefer gentle vibrations though, don’t worry – the lower ones are very subtle. The only downside is that the clitoral arm and shaft cannot be controlled separately. Noise wise it’s relatively quiet.


Fun Factory AmorinoNow this was a bit of a shock – it takes a whopping 8 hours to fully charge the Fun Factory Amorino! I simply don’t have the patience to wait that long so I don’t think I’ve ever left it for that long. It doesn’t seem to run out very often either.

The first time you use the Amorino, you will have to remove the travel lock – inside the box is a notice about this, but in order to remove it press the + sign and the ‘Fun’ logo button simultaneously, for approx 1-2 seconds.


I plop on a large dollop of water-based lube (always water-based as this is a silicone toy), and I rub this all over the shaft and the clit arm. I plunge the amorino inside me, with the stimulating band in place. It aims squarely for my g-spot and the clit arm reaches my clit; hurrah!

Fun Factory AmorinoThe clitoral arm offers pinpoint stimulation and the silicone makes it feel soft against your tender little bud.  The power is quite weak on the lower speeds but does pick up on the higher ones.  The vibrations on the shaft feel stronger. I find the buttons easy to reach and press; it’s comfortable to use the Amorino and super easy to alter the intensity or pattern.

The silicone feels a lot smoother once it’s inside you than when you have it in your hand; it isn’t quite as draggy.  The sensations from the Amorino travel through my entire vulva; this could be ‘the band effect’!  I like to hold the shaft against my g-spot, and squeeze and push with my pelvic muscles.  I don’t thrust, in fact it’s difficult to thrust with a rabbit vibrator as the clitoral arm digs in.  But I like to gently twist and rotate the handle which grinds the Amorino against my g-spot and clit, and feels heavenly.  I particularly enjoy smooth feeling toys and the silicone feels gorgeous on my body.

In the main, I use speeds 1 – 6 to slowly build up to a sensational and powerful orgasm.  My only nit pick is that I wouldn’t mind a bit more power in the clitoral arm, but there’s enough to get me off.

The Stimulating Band

Fun Factory AmorinoYou can use the Fun Factory Amorino with the stimulating band or without it.  The purpose of the band is to transfer the vibrations down the length of your vulva, as your clitoris runs down both sides; the only visible bit is the tip but it’s actually quite big!  I’ve tried using it without the band, which feels really nice, with it on which feels even better, and Fun Factory suggest you try twisting the band into a figure of 8.  You can also twist it even further if you wish; it’s all down to playing around and finding out what suits you best.  My preference is to use the band but not twist it; I don’t feel the twisting adds any benefit.  But I do feel a subtle difference with the band on.  There are small ridges in the Amorino to help keep the band in place.

The Amorino is waterproof in case you’re a fan of shower or bath play.  I’m not, personally – I prefer to be in my lovely comfortable bed when I’m playing, but each to their own!


Cleaning the Fun Factory Amorino is easy, particularly as it’s waterproof.  Simply spray some sex toy cleaner on it, taking care to clean inside where the band sits (and also clean the band), and give it a good rinse under the tap.

Fun Factory Amorino


  • Dual stimulating rabbit vibrator
  • Waterproof – ideal for bath or shower play
  • Stimulating Band
  • Rechargeable
  • 6 Speeds
  • 6 Patterns


I don’t think I’d recommend the Fun Factory Amorino for power queens who like a lot of clitoral stimulation as the clit arm wasn’t overly strong. However, I would recommend it to people who like smaller vibrators, quirky vibrators, dual g-spot and clit stim, rabbit fans, and people who appreciate rumblier vibrations.  It really is a beauty and I’m very pleased to have it as part of my collection!

How to get yours!

The Fun Factory Amorino is available from Lovehoney for £50.00!*

* Prices were correct at the time of writing this post.

Lovehoney sent me this item in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are included in this post. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I make a small commission which contributes to the purchase of more products to review.  Thank you for your support!