Fun Factory Bouncer

Fun Factory are known for making exceptionally good quality dildos. The Fun Factory Bouncer is one of my favourites from their collection, mainly thanks to its gorgeous jiggle balls!

Fun Factory Bouncer


As with all Fun Factory products, the packaging is quality and sturdy. I keep mine for storage; the luxorious golden box is too pretty to throw out! Inside the box you will find your glorious looking Bouncer, and an instruction booklet.

The Bouncer

I ordered the Fun Factory Bouncer in red, but it comes in three different colours – black, red, and candy rose. It’s a thing of beauty; curved, rounded and bouncy! The flat base is suction-style making it ideal for harness play. The silicone is velvety soft and smooth, but it does have some drag to it. If you enjoy draggy toys then fill your boots! Otherwise, a spot of lube does the trick nicely.

Fun Factory BouncerThe shaft is smooth, reasonably firm but there is a bit of flex to it.  It’s curved so ideal for g-spot or p-spot pleasure, and the ‘bulbs’ as I like to call them (lumps, ridges) are fairly large so the toy is more girthy on these areas.  It’s reasonably large in size and would possibly be a bit intimidating to anyone inexperienced with dildos.

Was it Jiggle Heaven?

I kept an open mind as to whether I’d be able to feel the jiggle balls once the Fun Factory Bouncer was inside me. I can absolutely confirm that I could! The size alone makes it feel intense as you push each ‘bulb’ inside you, but with the added sensation of the jiggle balls it’s divine! The added weight heightens all my nerve endings and the movement of the balls when I push the dildo deeper inside me make for a highly erotic playtime session.

Fun Factory BouncerI tried to thrust with the Bouncer, but it feels nicer to just twist the base and apply some pressure to the flat part. This works well with small, gentle movements as you really don’t need to thrust in order to feel the jiggle balls. I have enjoyed many a session with this gorgeous dildo, and I love to couple it with a little clit vibe. Coming with this baby inside me is amazing, it stretches me each time a ‘bulb’ moves deeper inside and the jiggle balls ensure every part of my pussy is stimulated. I’ve had some seriously big orgasms when using this, that have left me feeling quite exhausted afterwards!

The Fun Factory Bouncer could also be used for anal as it has a flared base. I’ve not tried it this way as I can only manage small dildos and plugs, but for someone more experienced this would probably be heavenly!

Fun Factory BouncerThe flat base has some suction which allows you to stick it to flat surfaces and walls, so it’s ideal if you want to ride it in the shower, on the base of your bed or other surface for some hands-free fun! I prefer to use it when laying in bed. The width and suction style flat base also make it great to use with a strap-on harness.

The base is quite thin, and a bit flexible so it’s not ideal to hold onto whilst partaking in some seriously heavy thrusting, so if I want to go for it, I tend to hold the dildo further up the shaft, but this limits the length you can use for insertion.


  • Amazing internal jiggle balls
  • High quality silicone
  • Flared suction style base – great for hands-free or use with harness


Recommended for anyone enjoying g-spot or p-spot play thanks to its curved shaft.  Also anyone who fancies trying something different with the jiggle balls!  As it’s fairly long and girthy around the bulbs, I’d recommend this to intermediate and experienced dildo lovers.  If you’re new to dildos, it might be worth checking the measurements on the website.

How to Get Yours!

Talking of websites – here’s where you can get your own Fun Factory Bouncer – Lovehoney sell it for £69.99!*

*Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

I purchased this item myself. Affiliate links are included in this post. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I make a small commission which contributes to the purchase of more products to review.  Thank you for your support!