Hot Octopuss

I won a voucher on Lovehoney for ‘review of the month’ (yippee!) and I decided to spend it on the Hot Octopuss Queen Bee. I was intrigued by the unusual design and the ‘power plate’, offering a different type of stimulation. I must admit I also fell for the trendy packaging too!


Hot OctopussFirst things first, the packaging. It’s seriously impressive. It looks like the box holds a vintage whiskey rather than a sex toy! There’s even an uber cool Union Jack flag down the side. Inside the trendy box is the Hot Octopus sat within a black tray, a quality storage bag, the charger, and instruction booklet.

How does it look?

Looks wise, the Hot Octopuss Queen Bee isn’t the prettiest toy in the world. It’s rather large and looks a little like a hairbrush minus the bristles. It’s made of TPE, which I’m not keen on – I prefer silicone but I don’t know if there was a reason for this; perhaps plastic was required due to the pulse plate.

The pulse plate itself is oval shaped, and is quite sizeable. You are able to use both the front and rear of the Queen Bee, with the back being patterned and a little ridged. Personally I don’t find the rear side does much for me; there is no motor in the back and the vibrations from the pulse plate don’t transmit particularly well into it. For someone who enjoys a massage with light, gentle vibrations you may enjoy this.

Hot Octopuss

Noise Level

I don’t think I can stress enough how loud the Hot Octopuss Queen Bee is. It’ sounds like an electricity generator at a fair! If you share your home with anyone other than a partner, and you are conscious about loud toys, then I wouldn’t recommend this for you. Even with loud music on, you can’t escape hearing it – it’s so loud! Mind you, the neighbours / housemates probably won’t think it’s a sex toy as it isn’t buzzy in the slightest.  They’ll just assume you’re doing some DIY.  I guess they’d be right, in a way! 😉

Did it give me a Buzz, or a Sting?

Hot OctopussI put the pulse plate on my vulva, it shakes almost violently and feels heavenly; so deep and so powerful. It feels very broad and shakes my whole pussy! The plastic feels hard but not unpleasant.

I work my way up through the speeds. They are so strong I only tend to use the first 3 or 4. I find it hard work to hold my somewhat chubby labia open and attempt to connect the plate with my clit, so the first time I used this, I had a brainwave… I thought I would use my intimate parts spreader to save my hands. I inserted the spreader and popped the plate back against my vulva, resting it on the spreader’s legs. What an amazing way to stimulate my g-spot! It literally shook the entire spreader which I felt down my labia, inside my pussy and on my g-spot. Wow! That wasn’t actually my plan, as I wanted to help the Queen Bee to touch my clitoris better (which it didn’t really) but it felt so good I’ve used it this way another twice since!

Hot OctopussThe pulse plate really does feel good, quite unlike anything else I own. But it’s just that bit too big to get direct clitoral stimulation and it’s awfully loud. However, I haven’t failed to orgasm every time I’ve used it! The handle is super easy to hold and it feels great to just lie back and hold it in place. Whenever I come with the Queen Bee it shocks me, as I usually need more direct stimulation and never think it’s going to work, but it gets me every time.  If you enjoy broad stimulation, you will love this.


It’s easy to clean, as it’s for external use only, and it’s only really the pulse plate I clean by spritzing a bit of toy cleaner on it and wiping clean.


Hot OctopussI would recommend this to power queens who enjoy external, clitoral stimulation. It could also be good for couples who like intense, powerful stimulation. Anyone keen on very broad stimulation would potentially also enjoy this.

I wouldn’t recommend it for massage due to the noise, nor for anyone who is noise-conscious. If you are a lover of direct, pinpoint stimulation then this may be too broad for you.

How to get yours!

You can purchase the Hot Octopuss Queen Bee for £99.99 from the Hot Octopuss website.

*Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

I purchased this item myself. No affiliate links were included in this post.