Jimmyjane Form 2

This is my first Jimmyjane item. The Jimmyjane Form 2 particularly appealed to me as I thought it looked so cute, whilst also offering me a different type of stimulation – ears.

I find rabbit style vibrators are a bit hit and miss with me, mainly due to the ears. I either find they don’t vibrate strongly enough or don’t reach my clitoris. But I do quite like dual stimulation either side of my clit, so I thought I’d give this a try!


Jimmyjane Form 2The Jimmyjane Form 2 comes in a quality white, pink and dark grey box – the pink and grey being the colours you can order the Form 2 in.  It’s very attractive packaging with a lot of information about the product’s features, as well as numerous pictures.

The quality doesn’t stop once you get inside the box either – thick plastic houses the Form 2, and it’s heavy docking style charger.  The charger has the Jimmyjane logo on the front, and 2 magnetic charging points inside where the Form 2 sits.  In the bottom of the box is another small box, which is home to the USB charger.  One end plugs into a wall plug, the other goes into the charging docker.  There is also a safety leaflet and quickstart guide.

The Form 2 comes with a 3 year warranty.


Jimmyjane Form 2I ordered the Form 2 in dark grey, but it also comes in pink.  It’s small at just 3.25” in length and fits neatly inside your palm.  I find it aesthetically pleasing and I love the dark grey.  I was surprised to find it isn’t seamless – there are seams running around both sides which disappoints me a little; it’s a high end toy so I expected it to look perfect.  The ‘pebble’ style body is firm, but there is a little flexibility in the ears.

It’s coated in smooth silicone, but the material isn’t silky and it can drag a little so I recommend using some water-based lube with the Form 2.

There are 3 buttons on the front – one to change the function, and up and down buttons to scroll through the intensities.  There are 4 patterns, one of which is continuous.  I enjoy the odd pattern but prefer continuous for reaching orgasm, so I was delighted to find 5 intensities so I could gradually build up to the big ‘O’.

Noise & Vibrations

I was impressed to find it’s relatively quiet, despite the medium power it emits.  It’s more on the low pitched rumbly side than buzzy. Some of the patterns make the Form 2 sound a bit rattley, but the vibrations feel lovely and deep, with the lowest speed being gentle enough for a warm up. The highest constant speed is very powerful, a bit too much for me so I usually use the first 3 or 4.


Jimmyjane Form 2The Jimmyjane Form 2 comes in ‘button lock’ mode – you’ll need to press + and ~ (plus and wave) buttons simultaneously for a few seconds before first use.

You’ll need to sit the Form 2 inside the docking unit and it has to be perfectly upright in order to charge.  If you knock it even slightly, it will stop charging which is mildly irritating.  The first time I used it, once I had turned off button lock mode, I put it in the charger and it just sat there and vibrated.  This is because it goes into ‘sleep mode’ which is when the battery charge has dropped below a certain percentage (which I discovered on the FAQ part of the Jimmyjane website).  So you’ll need to reboot it – hold it in the docking unit very steadily, and allow it to vibrate.  After a couple of minutes, the vibrations stop and it switches to charge mode.  A light comes on when it’s charging and it goes quiet.  It takes a whopping 8 hours for a full charge.

Play time!

Jimmyjane Form 2I always use water based lube and/or a little clitoral stimulant gel to get me started and ensure the vibrator slips and slides around easily. I find it’s not so easy to push the buttons with lube covered fingers though as they slip off! So I dry my fingers with tissue paper before using.

I mess around each time I use the Form 2.  Sometimes I hold it on its side so one ear is directly touching my clitoris.  Other times, I hold the two ears either side of my clit, sometimes further down my pussy pushing the ears deep into my flesh and sometimes I like to squeeze the ears together and pop them just inside me.

One way I love to play with the Form 2 is using the ears either side of my clit, pressing them down.  This has given me a whole new type of orgasm – a non-direct clitoral orgasm!  It feels different as my clitoris doesn’t protrude as much as normal, and I feel my arousal further down, right inside my labia. I grind and push against the Form 2 and it takes me a while to build my orgasm, but it’s worth the wait!  My entire pussy pulsates with a deeper clitoral orgasm, which seems to last longer and the sensations can be felt inside me as well.

Jimmyjane Form 2One negative I’ve found is that the continuous speed keeps changing into patterns during use.  It seems to be whenever I push the Form down into my lips and seems to be quite random.  I thought I was doing something wrong, till I googled it and can see others have had the same.  I’m not sure if this is a fault or part of the design, but I’m not keen as I prefer continuous pressure when I’m nearing orgasm.

I like the fact the Jimmyjane Form 2 has a memory function and recalls your last setting, this is something I feel is a real bonus to sex toys.

The Jimmyjane Form 2 is waterproof (submersible) if you’re a fan of shower play, then take it in there with you!

Clean up

As the Form 2 is waterproof clean up is easy. I use soapy water then spritz with toy cleaner and rinse under the tap. This isn’t too much of a dust collector thankfully, although I do store it in its box and I clean it before use in case there is the odd bit of fluff or dust!


  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Dual motors
  • Vibrating ears
  • 4 patterns, 5 speeds
  • Memory function
  • 3 year warranty


Despite the finicky charging docker and the constant speed changing to patterns, I really like the Form 2. I’ve reached orgasm every time I’ve used it and have enjoyed a lovely, slow build up. This shape really works for me and the Form 2 has made its way into my nearest toy drawer!

Where to buy!

Buy your Jimmyjane Form 2 from Lovehoney for £89.99.*

* Prices stated were correct at the time of writing.

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