Rocks Off Mondri-Anne close up

Thank you to the fab team at Rocks Off for sending me the gorgeous Mondri-Anne for review!  This vibrator took my fancy due to the stunning design, and the flat diagonal tip.  I enjoy direct stimulation on my clitoris, but I find some bullet vibrators can be a bit too pinpoint which can feel painful.  The flat tip therefore really appealed to me.

Rocks Off

Rocks Off Mondri-Anne in its packaging taken from the side, on a purple backgroundRocks Off have been established for 12 years now, and they have production facilities in the UK, Europe and China. If you’ve not heard of the RO-80m bullet, where have you been?!  It’s a worldwide number one bestseller with over 5 million sold to date, so they know a thing or two about bullets!


The Mondri-Anne comes in the most beautiful box which has the pattern from the vibrator on the sides.  It looks like it should house a perfume!  The clear window of the box shows the vibrator and some information can be found on the back of the box.  1 AAA battery is included so you can get straight down to business (thanks Rocks Off!).

Tucked inside the box you will find complete care instructions and a 12 month guarantee.  To guarantee your product, activate the guarantee at the Rocks Off website and enter your warranty activation code, supplied with the product.

I don’t usually pay too much attention to packaging unless it’s really special, but I love this box so I’m going to keep it for storage.  The pattern is really pretty and I love the colours!

Looks & Feel

Rocks Off Mondri-Anne on its side on a purple backgroundThe vibrator is so pretty!  The neat, square lines really appeal to my OCD.  The colours are really vibrant and bright, making it a very cute vibe indeed.

As you can see, the tip is angled and flat.  It feels really smooth to the touch.  Its small enough to offer direct stimulation as opposed to broad, but not too pinpoint.  If you enjoy very pinpoint precision with your play, you could use the very top of the tip, or to achieve a more broad coverage, use the full length on your vulva.

Most of my toys these days are rechargeable, but sometimes I find battery operated toys easier.  Yes, it costs to replace the batteries but I find they generally last pretty well.  I enjoy the fact that I can take this anywhere as I don’t need to bring a cable with it, so it’s travel-friendly.  Just take care if you’re using lube with the vibrator that you don’t get any inside the battery compartment, or it can stop the battery from working.  The Mondri-Anne is 100% waterproof but ensure the battery cap is tightly sealed before taking it into the bath or shower.  Unfortunately, rechargeable batteries are not advised to be used with this toy.

Trying it out!

Rocks Off Mondri-Anne taken close up of the flat tipTo turn it on, you firstly need to remove the sleeve from the battery compartment.  Unscrew the base, remove the circular piece of card and screw the base back on again.  The battery compartment can be a little fiddly as you need to match up the holes first, but once it’s lined up simply screw the base back on and press the pink button on the bottom, which is adorned with the Rocks Off logo.

The button is easy to reach as it’s on the base, and it sticks out so is also easy to find during play.  A press of the button changes the function.  There are 3 constant speeds and 7 patterns.

Noise wise, it’s quite loud when you first switch it on.  It does quieten down somewhat when it’s applied to your body, but on the fastest/highest speeds it is still quite audible.  Taking it down to a lower speed however, it quietens a bit.

The vibrations are definitely more buzzy than rumbly; the top highest speed is actually too buzzy for my liking.  The medium constant and lowest constant feel great, with the lowest erring on the size of rumbly!  I quite enjoy a couple of the patterns; athough I need constant speed to help me achieve an orgasm, the patterns are quite nice for play time.  Some of them are quite deep so I use them to get me excited, and then I switch to a constant speed to push me over the edge.

Rocks Off Mondri-Anne with the battery compartment open, on a purple backgroundIn terms of power, it’s strong; all of the Rocks Off vibrators I’ve used are.  You will certainly know it’s on you!  Don’t be put off by the fact that it’s battery operated if you enjoy strong, buzzy vibrations as it’s no weakling.

I like to press the flat tip against my clit and start at the lowest constant speed. Whilst it gently buzzes away, I start to circle my clit using small motions. I scroll through the patterns making my way back to the constant speeds. It starts at the highest speed, which is the other way around to how I like to use toys; I prefer to start slowly and build up to a faster, more powerful speed. I get to speed number 2 and I remain on this one until I feel my orgasm build, and I press the flat tip into my clit a little harder. The smooth tip covers my whole clit and feels amazing as my circling continues. I continue like this until I reach the big ‘O’ which comes to me with some ease.

Cleaning is easy as the vibrator is waterproof, I spray with sex toy cleaner and rinse under the tap, leaving it to air dry.


Rocks Off Mondri-Anne taken from above, on a purple background

  • 1 x AAA battery powered (included)
  • 10 functions
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Precision stimulation (pinpoint and broad also achievable)
  • Smooth, tapered tip


I would recommend the Mondri-Anne to:

People who like bullets and small vibrators, people who enjoy precise stimulation, People with mild OCD (straight lines are very appealing!), People with any genitals as the size and shape are versatile, People who like toys that are easy to transport.

I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who hates buzzy vibrations, or battery operated toys.

Where to Buy
You can buy yourself a gorgeous Rocks Off Mondri-Anne from Lovehoney, currently priced at just £18.99!*

* Prices were correct at the time of publishing. Affiliate links have been used in this post.