I was sent this gorgeous clitoral stimulator from the lovely people at (Twitter @SatisfyerCOM), thank you so much! It’s part of their ‘next generation’ of Satisfyers. I own the old style Satisfyer1 so I was excited about comparing it to this new version.

The Satisfyer1

Satisfyer1The Satisfyer1 is a ‘pressure wave clitoral vibrator’. This kind of vibration feels a little like suction, and doesn’t have the same numbing effect as some other vibrators. It’s difficult to explain the sensation, but it’s unique and seems to be extremely popular in the blogging world! If you haven’t experienced this type of stimulation before, then this model might be a great starting point. It’s cheaper than many of its rivals, is battery-powered and makes a great travel companion.  It’s waterproof too, so the ideal companion in a steamy shower!

Packaging & Looks

The Satisfyer1 comes in smart packaging, crisp and clean, with an image of the product on the front. All the Satisfyer products I was sent come with a hygienic seal to the box. Inside is the Satisfyer, and a large detailed instruction booklet.

Satisfyer1The Satisfyer1 itself is coated in sleek, smooth ABS plastic and bears the logo on the handle. It’s a pleasant shape and fits comfortably into your palm, and it’s fairly lightweight. It takes 2 AAA batteries (not included). I love the new colour! The former Satisfyer1 was a dark pink shade, but I must say the gold looks far more stylish and has a lovely sheen. It looks to be better made than the original, the seams are neater and it looks more luxurious than it’s predecessor. Impressive so far!

Power & Settings

As this is a battery operated toy, there is no need to charge. And as I am so organised I have a drawer full of batteries so I was able to pop them straight in and get going! I appreciate battery operated toys aren’t for everyone, but I really don’t mind them. I don’t like having to wait before using a toy and it means carrying ‘extra kit’ when you go on holiday. Battery operated toys tend to perform better these days than they used to, so you can get a pretty effective amount of power from them.

Satisfyer1There is a large white button to the back of the Satisfyer1. On the old version, this single push button took you through 11 intensities and you had to keep pressing to change the setting, but you couldn’t go back down. This could be frustrating if you click up to a stronger setting and then realise it’s too much, not to be able to reduce it back down. Happily, the next generation Satisfyer1 has a dual button control so you can scroll up and down. Hurrah!

The button looks like a single button at first glance, but switch it on and a light illuminates the button, highlighting two symbols – 2 waves and 3 waves. These are your intensities scrolling buttons. Press the top part of the button to increase intensity, and the lower part to decrease.

So Satisfy me!

I applied a small amount of clitoral stimulating gel to my clitoris, or you can use a bit of water based lube. You need to ensure your clit is out and ready for action, so I’d recommend warming it up first with some gentle fingertip clit stimulation. to tease it out of its hiding place!

Satisfyer1Switching it on, it gently purrs into action and is incredibly quiet; far quieter than the original model. I can see inside the head thanks to the light shining through from the button behind, which is interesting! The first model had an odd glow, which looked green, but this one doesn’t. It seems that Satisfyer have taken consideration of all of the little flaws of their original Satisfyer1 when they created this one.

The stimulation is pinpoint, all I need to do is spread open my labia and press the head around my clit, encircling it. It ‘sucks’ itself into place and stays put, I just hold my hand still and use my other hand to hold open my labia. I simply lie back and relax with this toy, there’s no need to do anything else! The orgasm starts to build slowly; I don’t increase the intensity until I’m literally gagging for some stronger power, thus delaying my climax. This way, when I finally come it’s far bigger and more intense than having a ‘quickie’ orgasm. It takes me from settings 1 – 5 to reach orgasm; I can hardly bear any higher! Sometimes I only get up to setting 3. But there are 11 in total so power queens, there should be a setting for you! Even though I’ll never use the higher settings, this makes the Satisfyer1 suitable for lots of people with different likes and desires.

I have a very slight complaint – the button is a little stiff at times, and I have to push it quite hard. But the good thing with this is that it doesn’t go off by accident!



I remove the silicone head to clean and rinse that with toy cleaner and water. To clean the nozzle, I pop a cotton bud inside and give it a quick rotation. The head of the Satisfyer1 is fairly small and narrow, offering pinpoint stimulation. I have a relatively small clitoris and it feels lovely on mine!


  • Innovative vacuum technology;
  • Touch-free massage
  • ABS plastic
  • Waterproof

Where to Buy

Click here to buy the amazing Satisfyer1 from Lovehoney, for only £34.99!*

*Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

I was sent this item in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are included in this post. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I make a small commission which contributes to the purchase of more products to review.  Thank you for your support!