So Divine Bootylicious Medium Butt Plug

I love So Divine toys. They’re always super cute, fun to use, and brilliantly priced! I own their small Booty Plug so when I was offered the chance to test the So Divine Bootylicious Medium Butt Plug for free, I jumped at it. Thanks Sophie and the So Divine team!

Packaging & Extras

So Divine Bootylicious Medium Butt PlugThe So Divine Bootylicious Medium Butt Plug comes in a small colour co-ordinated purple box. Inside you will find the plug, a storage bag, and two additional crystals which fit into the base so you have three in total; clear, gold and purple. I love how you get so much more with So Divine, they really do think of everything. Just to get a storage bag always makes me happy, so to get swappable jewels too is pretty awesome!

How does it Look?

So Divine Bootylicious Medium Butt PlugIn a word ‘cute’! It’s a lovely purple shade, relatively small and has a pretty diamante crystal in the base.  The crystal is removable so you can swap it with the others, but it also means you can give the base a good clean in case any lube gets stuck underneath the crystal.

How does it Fit?

This is a Medium sized butt plug, I also have the same plug in a size small. I would class myself as an intermediate anal player, but I prefer smaller toys. This is a great size for me.  If you’ve tried very small butt plugs before and want the next step up, then this would be ideal.

So Divine Bootylicious Medium Butt Plug

How does it Feel?

The silicone is soft and incredibly smooth. The plug itself is firm but very bendy with ample flex.

So Divine Bootylicious Medium Butt PlugI use lots of water-based lube with the plug to ensure easy insertion and comfortable removal! After applying a large dollop of lube and rubbing it all over the plug, I press it into my bum very gently. It takes me a little while to get it in, I take it nice and slowly and take some deep breaths. Then once it’s halfway in, the rest of the plug ‘pops’ into place. The feeling is one of pleasure/pain; my bum throbs with the shock of a foreign object being inside me. I count to 10 when inserting anything anally, and the intensity of the feeling lessons quite a lot. I’m then left with a nice full sensation and a tingly bottom!


I would recommend the So Divine Bootylicious Medium Butt Plug to beginners as the silicone is soft, and although it’s a Medium, it isn’t too intimidating. Intermediate anal players would also enjoy using this little gem!

Where to Buy It:

Order your So Divine Bootylicious Medium Butt Plug from So Divine for £19.99.*

* Prices were correct at time of publishing.

I was sent this item in exchange for my honest review. No affiliate links have been used in this post.