Lovehoney Ignite Pleasure Gel

In my collection are various stimulating gels and balms, I am developing a bit of an addiction!  The latest I chose to add to my collection is the Lovehoney Ignite Pleasure Gel.

Lovehoney Ignite Pleasure Gel

Packaging & Looks

The Ignite Gel comes in a small purple and black box, which looks pretty stylish.  It’s not a huge bottle; it’s 30ml / 1 fl oz.  The box isn’t much bigger than the bottle so you could keep it to store it in if you wish.  I always think products look better in their box, so I tend to keep them, but only if they aren’t huge and take up too much room in my bulging drawer of lubes and stimulants!  I need the space!! 😉

Lovehoney Ignite Pleasure Gel

The bottle itself is pump action with a lid.  I also have stimulants in squeezy bottles where you press the lid up, and have to squeeze the bottle to get a small amount of product.  The latter is great for ensuring you only release a small amount, but I find them messy.  I prefer pump action lids as I can just whack the top if I need more, without having to get my lube covered fingers on the main part of the bottle!  The pump releases a fairly small amount of lube (see photos) but be careful not to press it too eagerly or it can spurt out too fast!


Lovehoney Ignite Pleasure GelThe Ignite gel is light, quite thin and it drips easily.  It isn’t gloopy or greasy.  It has a fairly strong menthol scent, which isn’t unpleasant to smell.


It doesn’t taste the best to be honest, it’s a bit like sore throat tablets!  Which is fine, if that’s your kink…  For me, I would rather use a flavoured lube for oral, if anything.  But for stimulation, it does its job very well.

For Her

I apply a small blob of the Ignite to my clit, and it works within about a minute.  The sensation it creates is lovely; it gives me a tingly sensation and heightens my arousal, without being overbearingly strong or stingy.  It’s cooling rather than heating, which is a personal preference – heating gels frighten me as I mistake the feeling for an allergic reaction!  Anything remotely warming makes me run to the bathroom in fear for my genitals.  The gel doubles up as a lube so I can use my toys easier, as they slide over my body without any friction.

For Him

Lovehoney Ignite Pleasure GelI squeezed a small amount of the gel onto my finger, and rubbed it underneath my OH’s cock around the frenulum (his most sensitive spot).  I gently blew on his cock, which added to the sensation and made him tingle even more!  I asked if he was enjoying the sensation and then began to masturbate him.  He enjoyed the tingly feeling of the gel.  I’ve used pleasure gels on him before and he’s reacted to a couple with a burning sensation, so he’s understandably wary whenever I say “Ooh I have something new we can use!” – but this one went in well and added to his pleasure, and didn’t burn his cock off.  Winner! (and phew!!)

How to get yours

You can buy the fabulous Lovehoney Ignite Pleasure Gel from Lovehoney for £14.99.

* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

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