Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic Dildo

I was sent the Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic Curved Dildo from Lovehoney in exchange for my honest review.  Thanks Lovehoney!


The packaging for the Lifelike Lover is nice, clear and presentable.  It comes in a good quality box with the dildo housed in clear plastic packaging.

How does it look?

Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic DildoThis is my first brown dildo, I like to have a real mixture of colours in my collection!  I love how it looks.  It’s realistic with vein and skin detail, and a curved shaft ideal for g-spot stimulation.

I love the size of this dildo (I chose the 7 inch version).  The length and girth are fulfilling but not painful for slightly smaller openings!  The base is flared, making it compatible for anal play although I haven’t tried it this way as it’s a bit too big for my bottom.  The base is suction style, which means you can stick it to a flat surface and either hover over it and lower yourself down, or you can stick it to the shower wall and use it doggy style or upright if you’re nimble enough.  The power of the suction is really strong, once it’s stuck down, you can be quite rough with it – it doesn’t come loose!

The Lifelike Lover is harness compatible and fits inside my 1.75″ O-ring.  I thought the base may be too thick to fit inside properly but it’s absolutely fine, and it looks really sexy!  I love wearing a harness with a dildo, it brings out my masculine side.


There is a slight smell to the dildo before it has had its first use, not overwhelming or chemically, just a sort of ‘new toy’ odour.  I wash everything before first use with sex toy cleaner, and the smell disappeared after the first wash.

How does the dildo feel?

Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic DildoThe Lifelike Lover is firm, but the silicone has a bit of squish to it.  It’s flexible – I can bend it around, but it retains its shape.  The shaft feels textured due to the realistic design, this texture can be quite pleasurable when inserting the dildo as each lump and bump stimulates my pussy as I push it inside me.

The silicone has a little drag so I always use lube to make play more pleasurable, as lube reduces friction.  Always use a water-based lube as silicone lube can damage silicone toys.

It’s a little heavy, nicely so, but it has never made my arm ache whilst playing.

Playing with my Lifelike Lover

Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic DildoI lube up my Lifelike Lover and gently push him inside me.  The head stretches me, and the realistic design enhances my stimulation whilst I’m inserting him.  Once in place, I start off gently by tapping my finger into the middle of the base, which I can feel gently bump against my g-spot.  Then I like to hold onto the base and move it in small circles, but I don’t twist it just yet.

The head feels super soft inside me.  I start to grind the dildo now, twisting it around, and I combine my play with a wand vibrator.  I place the head of the wand against the middle of the base and crank up the power.   The vibrations can be felt deep inside me, turning my dildo into (almost) a vibrator!

Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic DildoThe curve continues to tease my g-spot and I work my way up to a gentle thrust and I move the wand’s head to my clit.  This is something I absolutely love; holding a wand against the side of my clit and pushing the dildo in and out in small strokes.  The combination of soft thrusting and clitoral vibrations feels immense, I feel the dildo stretching and filling me as I approach my orgasm.


I always use a water-based lube with silicone products, as silicone lube can damage the toy.  I apply it liberally as the dildo is realistic, so I like to cover all the little bits!  Lovehoney sell a range of water-based lubricants.

Cleaning the dildo

Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic DildoTo clean, I spray sex toy cleaner onto the Lifelike Lover and rub it in, ensuring I clean it thoroughly and that the cleaner gets under all the vein details.  I then rinse it under the tap and leave it to air dry.


I’d recommend this dildo to people who like realistic dildos, soft and squishy feeling dildos, g-spot or p-spot pleasure, harness compatible dildos, and suction pad dildos for hands-free play.  Due to its size, I wouldn’t recommend this to complete beginners but it should be fine for intermediate dildo players.  I think this would be ideal for people with different genitals as it’s pretty versatile.  This particular model is just £22.99*

Buy the Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic Curved Dildo!

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* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

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