Positive Vibes Classic Vibrator

Lovehoney recently sent me the Positive Vibes Classic Vibrator to review, thanks Lovehoney!

I was given the opportunity to test any one of the range. They are essentially the same vibrator, but with a different design so I close the Galaxy vibrator. I love the dark, gothic design and the wording ‘I only fuck with magic’ appeals as I am partial to a magic wand (but not the fairytale sort!)


Positive Vibes Classic VibratorThe packaging for the Positive Vlbes is fairly simple, and the vibrator is well presented. Upon removing the vibrator from its plastic packaging I saw some instructions for inserting the batteries.


The vibrator is firm, quite smooth to the touch and long. The length is great for deep insertion as there are no buttons on the vibrator, but there is a scroll wheel on the bottom to switch it on/off and adjust the setting. Girth wise it’s relatively slim and non-intimidating. The tip is gently tapered to allow more pinpoint stimulation. It isn’t a heavy vibrator, well not until you put the batteries in! But even then, it remains quite light and doesn’t give me wrist or hand ache after a session.

It’s a classic style vibrator, and is simple to operate which would be ideal for someone relatively new to sex toys. It can be used internally or externally, but not anally as it doesn’t have a flared base.

Batteries not included!

Positive Vibes Classic VibratorBatteries aren’t included with the Positive Vibes, which is a shame. I do love it when toys come with batteries, or a bit of charge so you’re ready to use them straight away. I would gladly pay a bit more for a toy that comes with batteries included.

To make matters worse, it takes two ‘C’ sized batteries, which I didn’t have in stock so I nipped down to the shop to buy some (C batteries are the large, round ones).

I had a bit of difficulty getting the batteries in, which might well be down to user error… I pushed them in the wrong way round and then struggled to get them back out again. Mild panic set in as I thought I’d broken it, but I realised there’s a plastic insert inside the compartment, and if you press your fingers against this, you can pull it downwards which brings the batteries out too. I would recommend leaving this plastic insert inside the toy, as the batteries fit nice and snug, and it makes removal easier!

Play time!

Positive Vibes Classic VibratorTwisting the base, the Positive Vibes vibrator purrs into action and I was pleased to notice the vibrations are quite deep and rumbly. It’s rather loud as I continue to twist the base, but when I hold it onto my body, the noise rapidly decreases. Sadly, with the noise reducing, so does some of the power but there is still plenty of power left in order for me to reach orgasm.

As an ‘inny’

I like to use this on my clit for some pinpoint vibrations, thanks to the gently tapered tip. I also like to press down the full length of the vibrator against my vulva when I fancy something a little broader. It’s nice to include a bit of lube with my play as it makes the vibrator glide over my pussy easier.

My preference for clitoral stimulation is low power gradually increasing to medium, I can’t handle full power on most toys as my clit can be quite sensitive. Increasing the speed makes the vibrations feel more buzzy too, so I tend to ‘cross the finish line’ at about halfway between low and high.

I enjoy holding the vibrator lengthways, just to the right of my clit and I can grind myself into it. The tip reaches my pussy opening and I occasionally poke the tip inside me. I enjoy using the very tip of the vibrator to caress my clitoris, enjoying the stimulation until I have my first climax. Once I’ve come, I then switch to using it inside me.

As an ‘outy’

Positive Vibes Classic VibratorIt feels lovely inside me due to the length, and the fact it’s smooth makes it slip inside me easily. I can thrust with this with no irritation, and I enjoy feeling the vibrations rumble away inside of me. Due to the rumbles, the sensation spreads throughout my entire vulva, and up into my clitoris. I can manage full speed with this inside me, as I’m not as sensitive internally, which feels amazing. When I use toys internally, I often use another toy externally so I can bring myself to a powerful orgasm. The muscles in my pussy clench up when I climax, which pushes vibrators out as I orgasm, which is a glorious sensation in itself.


  • Multi-speed
  • Splashproof
  • Battery operated


I’d recommend this to people who are new to the world of sex toys as it’s reasonably priced, simple to operate and easy to clean. It’s rather rumbly and reasonable in terms of power, and ideal for people who like to travel as it’s battery operated so you don’t need to take loads of kit with you in order to use it.

I wouldn’t recommend it to power queens or kings as it isn’t massively powerful, nor to people who like ample girth as it’s relatively slimline. It’s firm and plastic too, so if you prefer a softer material this might be too hard for

How to get yours!

You can buy the Positive Vibes Classic Vibrator from Lovehoney for the bargain price of just £16.99, and there are four different designs to choose from. Enjoy!