Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration

I love a good competition, I enter lots of them and religiously tweet every day to increase my chances of winning.  It’s paid off – I recently won the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration from DivaFoof’s giveaway!  Thanks to both DivaFoof and Satisfyer for running this fabulous comp.

Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration


This marvellous sex toy comes in Satisfyer’s standard white and grey good quality packaging.  Inside the box, you will find your Satisfyer, a magnetic charging cable and instruction book.

What’s New?

This Satisfyer is coated in silicone, not plastic, and it feels soft and comfortable to hold.  The silicone is thick and feels quite draggy so I can get a good, comfortable grip on it.  If you enjoy using lubricant, you can use it with the Pro Plus Vibration (I sometimes put a bit on the rim of the head) but ensure you use a water-based lube as the toy is silicone.

The Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration is also 100% waterproof making it a fabulous shower companion!

New Shape

Satisfyer Pro Plus VibrationSatisfyer have used a different shape and created a curved toy.  I wasn’t sure why at first, but the curved shape makes it comfortable to hold and angle it so it covers your clit whilst keeping the buttons closer to your hand, making them (in theory) easier to reach.  Although it looks a little odd; like some sort of tiny boomerang, it is also quite chunky which I really like.


Offering 11 pressure wave intensity settings, this version seems to have some less powerful speeds which I enjoy as it means I can go up a few notches!  I don’t know if that’s because it has been designed to be less intense, or my clit is getting used to powerful stimulation and becoming less sensitive.  I have managed to get right up to speed 7, a first for me!

Added Vibration

Satisfyer Pro Plus VibrationThis particular model is unique to the Satisfyer market as it offers both vibration and pressure wave stimulation.  The motor makes the head vibrate, making the experience more intense.  There are 10 settings of vibration which provides the user with more options; this could be useful for people who prefer to warm up with a vibrator before using the intense pressure wave ‘suction’ style technology.

A little niggle is that the vibration comes on at full power, which seems odd when lots of people seem to enjoy building up to a stronger intensity.  I like to use the vibration at first as a bit of a warm-up, then switch to the suction style of intense, direct clitoral stimulation once I’m suitably aroused.

What I don’t like however is using the vibration plus suction simultaneously.  I love pressure wave toys, I find them quite intense so I enjoy laying back and letting the toy suck the orgasm from me.  Include vibrations though, and it just overpowers the suction, distracts me from the stimulation I was enjoying and I get bored.  So for me, the vibrations are nice as a warm-up, but nothing more.

I find the buttons a bit hard to find when I’m playing; I tend to use my other hand to change the settings so I can keep it still on my clit and not lose contact.  As the buttons are quite flat, I can find them difficult to find through feel alone.


Satisfyer Pro Plus VibrationI’m yet to find a pressure wave toy that is whisper quiet (or any toy really!), but I find that once this is in contact with your body, the noise drastically lessens.  If it suddenly gets loud and gurgly, it may mean you’ve lost direct contact with your body.

Likes & Dislikes?

I like:

  • Gentle starting speeds – great for warming up
  • Vibration – on its own
  • All-over silicone – I’m tactile and enjoy materials that feel nice!
  • Chunky shape – nice to hold and it looks good

I dislike:

  • The buttons – hard to find mid-session as they lay quite flat on the surface
  • Vibrations plus suction – does nothing for me

Where to get yours!

You can buy the Pro Plus Vibration from the Satisfyer store – this link is for the UK store, and this link is for the American store.

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* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

I won this item in a giveaway.  No affiliate links have been used in this post.