Satisfyer Pro Rabbit Vibrator

For me, Satisfyer never fails to satisfy, whether that’s the Pro 2, the Pro Plus Vibration or the gorgeous Satisfyer Pro Rabbit Vibrator.  I won this item in a competition run by my fellow blogger, @DelightsSensual, thanks so much!


I’m going to say right from the off that this is my favourite of all the Satisfyer family.  Now that’s a fairly big statement, and I genuinely like all of them, but this is the one that has won a place at the front of my main sex toy drawer, pushing the others to the back.  I love dual stimulation, and although I haven’t managed to come with g-spot stimulation alone, I enjoy the feeling of dildos and vibrators pushing, grinding or rumbling away inside me, pressing against my g-spot.  Combining g-spot and clitoral stimulation is a massive winner for me, my orgasms are stronger, feel deeper, last longer, and make me feel like I am going to pee all over the place.  Now that last sentence might not sound particularly attractive(!!) but, let me assure you, it’s an overwhelmingly wonderful feeling!  Combined orgasms make me feel like I’m going to open myself right up and soak my bed, although I’ve not actually managed to squirt yet.  But the intensity of the feeling is there.

Packaging & Looks

Satisfyer Pro Rabbit VibratorThe smart, glossy box the Satisfyer Pro Rabbit comes in is clear, good quality, and looks like it has an expensive toy inside.  Satisfyer’s branding is quite subtle, and the script style font makes it look luxurious.

Inside is your Rabbit, plus USB charging cable and instruction book.  The Rabbit’s sleek design and pressure wave clitoral stimulator makes it look like a very interesting toy, almost clinical in appearance, especially as it’s white.  The silky smooth silicone has no drag, although I still tend to use lube on anything internal.

My body and the Satisfyer Pro Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit vibrators are notoriously hit and miss due to the diversity of our bodies, whether that’s down to clitoris size, the length from the vaginal opening to the clit, the depth of your g-spot… there certainly isn’t a one-size-fits-all rabbit.  Therefore I find rabbit reviews incredibly useful to determine whether or not a toy might work with my body.  I’ve therefore included a graphic description of my vagina in the hope that this is helpful to my readers!

Satisfyer Pro Rabbit Vibrator

My clit is small.  The length from my clit to my vagina is quite short, therefore with a lot of rabbits, I find the ears or the ‘arm’ part of the vibrator sit too high up for my anatomy.  My g-spot is fairly close to the entrance of my vagina; as a rule, g-spots are usually somewhere between 1 and 3 inches inside your vagina lying against the front wall.  Mine is nearer 1 inch than 3 (this is an estimate – I haven’t got the ruler out!!)  In terms of fit, the internal shaft fits nicely against my g-spot with the suction head resting on my clit.  I worried it would be hard to get the head to stay in place at first, but it is actually quite easy.  What does tend to move around is the shaft, as I squeeze my pelvic floor muscles whilst playing I can inadvertently push the shaft and then I have to move it back into place.

Satisfyer Pro Rabbit Vibrator

Dual Stimulation

I apply a spot of clitoral stimulating gel to my clit first of all, as I love the tingling sensation!  I then use a water-based lube on the shaft.  Please ensure you use a water-based lubricant, not silicone, so that it doesn’t cause any damage to your toy.

I slide the shaft inside, the silky smoothness of the silicone enabling it to go inside me with ease.  I position the head over my clit, and it seals perfectly against my body.  I turn the rabbit on, and OMFG – having the combination of internal and external stimulation is massively arousing, but even more so with the suction style sensation of the Satisfyer!

It rumbles away inside me, and I crank it up.  You can control the internal shaft separately to the head, so if you like mega power internally but gentle clit stimulation, or vice versa, then this can provide you with exactly what you want.  I like to start slowly with clit pleasure and build up to a higher setting when I’m ready.

Having a vibrator rumbling inside me, and getting my clit sucked at the same time (or it feels like that anyway) is so erotic, it always makes me want to use a plug in my bum at the same time, filling every hole.  I spread my legs wide and turn up the intensity on the head, it’s a delicious feeling!

Satisfyer Pro Rabbit Vibrator

Look, no hands!

Another great benefit to this is that it stays put, meaning I can virtually go hands-free!  Aside from my muscles squeezing the shaft slightly away from my g-spot, it hardly moves.

What I also love about this vibrator is that I can’t pull away when I orgasm.  As I approach the big O, my legs clasp shut, and with other Satisfiers I find I have a tendency to pull them away from my clitoris as the feeling is so intense.  I can’t do this with the rabbit!  The inner shaft ensures the rabbit stays inside me, and although my legs still clasp shut I can’t move the rabbit off my clit.  The orgasm gets dragged from me, and I lay on my bed a panting, shaking, hot mess of a woman!

The Satisfyer Pro Rabbit is waterproof which makes cleaning a doddle.  I spray the shaft with sex toy cleaner and rinse it off, then I spray the rim of the head too and give that a wipe with a wet cloth.  To clean inside the head, you can use an ear bud!


  • Air pulse technology feels like suction
  • 11 speeds for the head
  • 10 settings for the shaft
  • Ability to control internal and external parts separately
  • Waterproof – easy to clean, good for bath or shower play
  • USB rechargeable


Satisfyer Pro Rabbit VibratorI would recommend the Satisfyer Pro Rabbit to:

  • Fans of dual stimulation
  • People who like waterproof toys
  • Anyone who enjoys suction (clitoris or nipple owners, although the shaft can get in the way when using on nipples!)
  • Fans of separately controlled power for internal and external pleasure
  • People who like gender-neutral colours

You may not enjoy this if you don’t enjoy suction style pleasure, or if you like a really girthy toy as the shaft isn’t that wide.

How to get a Satisfyer Pro Rabbit Vibrator!

You can purchase the Satisfyer Rabbit from Lovehoney for £79.99.*

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* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

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