Apricot coloured bunny tail plug against a zebra print background, for a post called #SOSS

This is my first #SOSS (Share our Shit Saturday), I’m excited to join in the fun!

So, without further ado, here are some articles from the past couple of weeks that I found interesting, and I’d like to share them with you.

  • Little Switch Bitch talks openly about BDSM, giving a real insight into her sex life and the impact BDSM can have on a relationship, along with tips on how to ensure you stay safe.  The article contains a link to a very kinky photo of LSB’s bottom complete with her OH’s handprint!
  • After winning the Satisfyer Pro G Spot Rabbit from Sensual Delights, I read her review of the same.  It’s a fabulous review with some gorgeous bright photos, and I was particularly excited to read her quote; “The Pro G-Spot Rabbit is probably the best toy that Satisfyer have made to date!”  The Rabbit has now arrived with the postman, who probably wonders why I get so excited to see him every day, and it’s by my bedside waiting for me to try it out; I can’t wait!
  • #SOSSCandysnatch reviewed the gorgeous Apricot Bunny Tail Plug, I think this is the cutest plug I’ve seen!  I love the fact the fluffy fake fur tail is apricot rather than white, it looks super pretty.  My own collection of plugs are plain but this makes me want to get myself a tail!
  • Cara Sutra posted some rauncy erotica which really tickled my fancy!  The Hood Ornament Gangbang Erotica is explicit, filthy and imaginative.  I envy people who can write erotica, I think I need to read a lot more before I attempt it myself!
  • #SOSSPosy Churchgate’s fabulous #FridayFail where she ‘pictorially illustrates a deliberate misunderstanding of a common phrase, or takes one too literally”.  Think of it as a sexy Catchphrase (just say what you see!*).  This week she’s showing us her gorgeous ‘junk in the trunk‘!  I think it’s a great idea for a meme, and she’s included some gorgeous photos.
  • Floss has posted an insightful article on cuckolding.  As a practice I have engaged in myself, I was keen to learn more about this.  It’s a kink my OH has, to allow me to have sex with other men (with emphasis on ‘allowed’ – so he retains control) and for me to talk to him about it afterwards.  The article explores why people are into cuckolding and the numerous things it can involve.

Search for the #SOSS hashtag on Twitter for roundups from other bloggers!  As sex bloggers are slowly being silenced on social media, please join in and we can help to promote each other’s work.

* Catchphrase is as a British TV series where images illustrate a popular British saying – learn more at Wikipedia!