I’ve seen some fantastic articles for #SOSS this week, thanks everyone for these!

  • This insightful and honest article on Molly’s Daily Kiss about Molly’s polyamorous relationship, and how she likes to watch her husband fuck other women. A great insight into polyamory!
  • Bondage God’s review of the Satisfyer Traveller.  I’ve been sent one of these to review for the Pleasure Panel and have been playing with it all week, so it was good to read his review and get a different perspective!
  • Emmeline Peaches’ blog about running a marathon, cleverly linked to what it’s taught her about sex.  I ran a half marathon a couple of years ago, training was incredibly tough but race day was easier as I’d prepared properly.  Being cheered on and handed jelly babies by smiling supporters was the best feeling ever!  Anyway – read Emmeline’s blog, some great observations about both running and sex.

Search for the #SOSS hashtag on Twitter for roundups from other bloggers!  As sex bloggers are slowly being silenced on social media, please join in and we can help to promote each other’s work.