Avant D6 dildo in its packaging against a blue and grey fairy themed background

The lovely people at Betty’s Toy Box sent me the Avant D6 in exchange for my honest review.  Thanks, team!

Who are ‘Blush’

Blush products seem to be quite popular amongst my fellow sex bloggers, so before I began using their dildo I thought I’d find out a bit more about them.  Taken from their website;

“Blush makes pleasure products for everyone. Our diverse team works hard to create products designed to fit your body and desires while meeting our high health and wellness standards. Innovation, creativity and consumer feedback are our driving force. Price, quality, and user experience are our priority.”

Avant D6 dildo in its packaging against a blue and grey fairy themed backgroundBlush have created a style of dildos called ‘Avant’.  These are hand-sculpted, non-porous, boilable and easy to clean.  They warm with your body or by running under warm water and are harness-compatible thanks to their large base, which also happens to be a suction cup.

The Avant D6

Blush Avant D6 Electra Silicone Dildo

The Avant comes in a large, heavy box which is tastefully branded and beautifully coloured.  It has the colours of the dildo on the box and looks really appealing.  The packaging boasts that the D6 is made from “Platinum cured silicone”.

Each Avant dildo is individually hand-sculpted.  It’s a solid dildo, made from incredibly soft silicone with some light texturing.  There’s a strong suction cup to the base, which makes the Avant D6 compatible to use with a harness, and it can be used anally.

Avant D6 dildo in its packaging against a blue and grey fairy themed background

I think this is one of the best things about the D6; the gorgeous neon 80’s style colours – electric blue and hot pink, with a black strip around the base.  It narrows above the base (which is great if using anally, as the neck is a little slimmer enabling your bum to grip onto it).  I really like the gentle vein-like texture as it’s enough to offer stimulation without being uncomfortable.  The head is shaped and semi-realistic, with some very gentle tapering.  There’s a slight smell to the silicone, which I find quite appealing, it reminds me of the smell of erasers / ‘rubbers’ that I used to get at school!

Play time

I literally can’t wait to try out this gorgeous dildo.  The texture and super soft silicone is just aching to be put to good use!

I first used this dildo in an air-conditioned, rather cold room.  The temperature of the dildo reflected the air temperature, and applying a generous amount of lube, I took great delight in pushing it inside me, enjoying the shock of the cold.  It seemed to retain the cold as I used it, which was really quite lovely as I was in a very hot country (Thailand) and wanted some cool relief!  The gorgeous soft silicone is super smooth to the touch, but the dildo has a firm, solid inner so it feels really big once inside.  The gentle ripples stretched me on the way in, and I managed to get most of it inside me.  I’m not able to take very long dildos so there was a bit I couldn’t get inside me comfortably, but if you’re a size queen/king then your luck is in!

Blush Avant D6 Electra Silicone Dildo

The Avant D6 has some serious density and, given its impressive size, I would say this is certainly not for the faint-hearted.  If you think it feels big in your hand, just wait until it’s inside your body!  I always need a good long warm up before using the Avant D6 and an ample supply of lube.

Thrusting or grinding?

I prefer to grind rather than thrust due to the size and weight of the dildo.  I also enjoy tapping my finger on the base once its inserted, or pushing a vibrator against the base.

Suction Cup

The Blush Avant D6 stuck to the bath, showing how strong the suction cup base isThe suction cup is super strong; I’ve used it on a few flat surfaces and it stays put really well – as you can see in the photo!  Once it’s stuck down, it isn’t going anywhere.  Due to its size, I haven’t been overly vigorous when using it, I prefer to use it slowly and gently and my preference is to use it in bed.  If you like to use a dildo in the shower or ride it on a flat surface, then you won’t be disappointed with the strength of this suction cup.

Using the Avant D6 with a vibrator

Blush Avant D6 Electra Silicone DildoI enjoy using the D6 with my Lovehoney Positive Vibes vibrator as it’s a nice deep and rumbly vibe.  I press the tip of the vibrator on the base, and the rumbles travel through the dildo incredibly well, adding another dimension to my play.  I also enjoy using a clit vibe with the D6 inside me, stretching and filling me as I circle a bullet around my clit.  I gently push and pull the D6 in and out of my pussy, enjoying the feeling as it grips my vagina and massages the skin around my opening.  I gently speed up and use small thrusting movements to rub the soft tip against my g-spot.

I also enjoy using this with a vibrating cock ring.  It adds some vibration to my vulva when I pop a cock ring on the shaft and leave it in place whilst I stimulate my clit.  The dildo is large enough to stay put whilst I play, so I can enjoy penetration, some vulva vibration and use my free hands to stimulate my clitoris.  I don’t push the whole dildo inside me so I put the cock ring about halfway down.

Blush Avant D6 Electra Silicone DildoCleaning

The silicone is boilable so you can achieve a really thorough clean.  I tend to use a bit of soap and water, and then spray sex toy cleaner on the shaft ensuring I get it in the ridge under the head.  Then I rinse it with cold water and air dry.  I avoid using a towel or anything else to dry dildos in case I transfer any dust, dirt or grime onto the toy.

Avant D6 Features

  • Platinum cured siliconeAvant D6 dildo showing vein style detailing, against a blue and grey fairy themed background
  • Hand sculpted
  • Boilable
  • Suction cup base
  • Harness compatible
  • Waterproof

Where to buy your Avant D6

You can buy the Blush Avant D6 Electra Silicone Dildo from Betty’s Toy Box for $91.99 / £67.67.*

*Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

I was sent this item in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are included in this post. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I make a small commission which contributes to the purchase of more products to review, but it doesn’t cost you any extra.  Thank you for your support!