Avant D1 dildo on a blue fairy background, close up of the packaging

I do love a colourful dildo.  I’m also a sucker for bright, colourful and fun looking packaging, it really appeals to my inner child.  The D1 is a beautifully designed dildo and the packaging is suitably vibrant to match.  Thanks to the lovely folk at Betty’s Toy Box for sending me the Avant D1 dildo in exchange for my honest and impartial review!

Betty’s Toy Box

Betty's Toy Box logo taken from their websiteBetty’s Toy Box have a gorgeous, pin-up girl style website which I find really easy to navigate and fun to use.  They’re a friendly bunch of people, with a clear goal:

Our goal is to feature high quality sex toys in a casual, classy, safe, fun and informative atmosphere.
Each product we offer has been hand-picked by our sex toy experts for its quality, style, and potential for pleasure.

I’ve not been working with them for very long but they seem to be popular with some of the other bloggers, and I’m looking forward to getting to know them better!

First Impressions

Avant D1 dildo on a blue fairy background in it's packaging, a brightly coloured boxAs you can see by the photos, the Avant D1 comes in a pretty box with luscious colours, with the dildo standing proudly in the centre of the window screaming ‘Take me, you know you want to’.  Or at least that’s what it says to me.  Tearing eagerly into the box, I take out the D1 and the first things I notice are the stunning colours and design (I love the clean stripes – they appeal to my OCD), the soft and smooth silicone which feels similar to the Avant D6, and the flexibility of the shaft.  The D1 is more flexible than the D6.  It’s quite heavy, but not as dense as the D6 so it’s a dildo for ‘lighter play’ as I call it.  ‘Heavy play’ is where I use a firm, meaty beast of a dildo that I need to really warm up for.  I’d put the D6 into the second category.

Cobra Head

Avant D1 dildo on a blue fairy background, close up of the Cobra style head!I notice the shape of the D1 is quite unusual.  The head is shaped like a cobra’s head, and the dildo is widened from side to side, but narrow from front to back (if I’ve described that horribly, please see photos!)  It has a slight forward bend to the shaft so it gravitates towards your g-spot, and, like the D6, has a strong suction cup base.  It has ridges down the sides where it’s widest, so there is a bit of gentle texture to the shaft.

Dildo Sniffing

Avant D1 dildo on a blue fairy background, photo taken of the right sideI love the smell of the D1.  Now I’m not usually one for dildo sniffing, but the two Avant dildos I’ve been sent have the most gorgeous smell.  In my last post, I likened it to the smell of a rubber/eraser like the ones I used to get at school.  I can’t think of a better way to describe it, it’s just so lovely!  Anyway – I’ll stop sniffing it now, I’ll put it down and continue my review.


Please forgive the irritating use of too many ‘O’s, but the D1 is soooo soft.  I’d rate it 10/10 for strokability!  I like the base too as it’s thick and easy to grip and hold onto.

Play Time

Avant D1 dildo on a blue fairy background, photo taken of the left side, dildo being held to show its size

I apply some lube to the shaft (water-based as ever as it’s a silicone dildo), and I push it inside me.  Despite the bulbous head, it goes in fairly easily.  Once it’s inside I like to start off by wiggling it a bit and tapping my finger against the base so I can enjoy the gentle stimulation caused by the shaft.

I get a mirror between my legs and watch myself playing.  I like to take it almost all the way out and plunge it back inside me, and I love the use of the mirror as I can watch the purple, gold and then pink disappear!

With my legs splayed wide, I push my bum up off the bed as I open myself up to the sensation.  I get the D1 pumping in short, fast strokes as my vibrator works my clit into a frenzy… I approach orgasm and inadvertently hold my breath as I stop dead in my tracks, relishing the moment.  My body literally shakes and flushes hot with the waves of my beautiful combined orgasm.  I congratulate myself on my ‘good work’ and realise how much I love reviewing sex toys!

Avant D1 dildo stuck to it's box and being held sideways, howing strength of the suction cup

Showing the strong suction cup

Staying Power

Towards the end of a session, I enjoy simply leaving the D1 inside me as I tense up just before I crescendo towards my orgasm.  My muscles clamp around it, my legs begin to slowly move downwards and some dildos at this point pop out of me, but the D1 stays firmly in place.  In fact, I have to give it a good yank afterwards to get it out!

Combined Orgasm

Avant D1 dildo on a blue fairy background, photo taken from the back

Photo taken from the back

I’ve never (as far as I know) had a g-spot orgasm before, but clitoral orgasms feel different to the orgasms I feel when I use a dildo and something on my clit.  My body actually shakes, and I feel like I’m going to gush my insides out.  That’s how I feel when I use this with a vibrator.


I would recommend this dildo to people who like intermediate sized dildos, g-spot stimulation, hands-free riding (that suction cup is hella strong!) and colourful dildos.  I appreciate not everyone is a fan of realistic designs, so if you prefer non-realistic this will tick that box too.  It can be used anally as the base is flared, and isn’t too intimidating in terms of size so I would recommend anal fans try it out, although I haven’t used it in this way myself (bit too big for me).

Where to buy the Avant D1

Avant D1 dildo on a blue fairy background, photo taken of the left side, dildo being held to show its sizeYou can buy the Blush Avant D1 from Betty’s Toy Box for $69.99 (£52.44)*.

* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

I was sent this item in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are included in this post. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I make a small commission which contributes to the purchase of more products to review, but it doesn’t cost you any extra.  Thank you for your support!