the Apex butt plug / anal dildo taken from above

Godemiche produce some amazing looking dildos and butt plugs, making use of some gorgeous single and multiple colours.  I’m a big fan of pastel shades, so I purchased their small Apex butt plug in the pastel shade of ‘blue lagoon.


Godemiche are a small team comprising of just two people, the lovely Monika and Adam.  They use high quality, non-porous platinum-cured silicone and all their toys are totally handmade.

the Apex butt plug / anal dildo showing its packaging, photo taken against a blue fairy themed backgroundTheir packaging is simple – items come in a plastic resealable bag, which I think are great for storage as they don’t take up much room and you can see your toy through the bag!  I’m forever hunting through storage bags trying to find a specific toy, some bags have the logo of the company on which is great, but having a sealable see-through bag makes finding my toy that much easier.

The small Apex is petite, ideal for anal beginners or those who are experienced but prefer a smaller plug.  This dildo comes in a larger size if that is your preference – you have the choice of two.  The small has approximately 3″ of insertable length.

the Apex butt plug / anal dildo close up shot of the plug against a blue fairy themed backgroundThe blue lagoon Apex is made from the softest, most squidgy silicone, and is super pliable.  It has a very slight stickiness to the touch and is flexible enough to be bent in half, although it retains its shape.  The Apex is a cross between anal beads and a plug; there are two beads, the first being longer and very tapered like a plug and the second being rounder.  The tapering makes for an easier insertion.  It’s slimmer at the neck then flares out to a wide base, this is to prevent your plug from travelling – i.e. being sucked up into your bum!

The Godemiche “G” logo is embossed on the base.  It’s handmade so it doesn’t look perfect, but I don’t mind that – I just love that it has been individually made.  I love the size, design, colour, and the squidginess and suppleness of the silicone!

Inserting the Apex

the Apex butt plug / anal dildo taken from aboveIt’s easy to insert this plug, using some water-based lube.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to use lubricant with anything anal, as your body doesn’t self-lubricate so please do use some lube on the toy and a bit on your bum.  I align the t-bar base to run in between my cheeks and insert it slowly, it takes a few seconds before it’s finally in.  It’s so comfortable once in place, I can actually forget it’s there so I like to push and press my fingers against the base so I can feel it.

With a vibrator 

the Apex butt plug / anal dildo showing its sizeI like to use plugs with vibrators, whether or not they come with a hole for an insertable bullet.  The Apex is not hollow, so to use it with a vibrator I grab a mini wand and switch it on, turning it up quite high.  I roll the head of the wand up and down the slim base of the plug, working my way up before pushing it into the silicone where it meets with my anus.  The vibrations rumble down the body of the plug and I can feel it deep inside me.  It’s enjoyable to use a wand in this way anyway, holding it against my bum, but with a plug inside me, I can achieve a deeper sensation and more pleasurable experience.

I’ve also used this plug with a lower powered vibrator, and it was still a nice sensation so don’t worry if you don’t own a wand!  A standard powered vibrator will still deliver.


the Apex butt plug / anal dildo showing how flexible and supple the soft silicone isWalking around wearing the Apex, it feels comfortable.  I can sense it’s inside me, but it doesn’t jab into me internally nor my cheeks.  I can even sit down comfortably as the silicone is so soft, am the slim base fits well between my cheeks with no rubbing.


It’s easy to clean this plug, simply wash it with soap and water.  I also like to spray it with antibacterial sex toy cleaner and rinse it again, before leaving it to air dry.  This means it’s getting a really good clean.  Air drying your toys is important as if you use a towel, you could be spreading germs onto your toy.


As mentioned above, due to the size of the small Apex I’d recommend this to total beginners, and people who prefer a smaller toy.

Where to buy!

The Apex is available in this colour, blue lagoon, and loads of others!  Check out the Godemiche site to see what they have available.  The small Apex in a single pastel colour is priced at £12.00.*

Prices correct at the time of publishing.  I purchased this item myself. No affiliate links have been used in this post.