Lovehoney sent me the gorgeous Mapale Body in exchange for my honest review, thanks Lovehoney!


Mapale Body in it's packaging against a light background

The Mapale Body is packaged in a box with a black background and images of a sexy woman on front and back, showing front and rear views of the lingerie.  It’s an all-in-one body with a hook and eye crotch fastening.  I didn’t expect I would look as gorgeous as the woman on the packaging with her utterly perfect body, but I can honestly say… err, well, I don’t!  But who does?!  It looks pretty darn gorgeous, even if it is a wee bit tight in a couple of places.
The Mapale Body is made from 91% polyester and 9% Elastane.  It’s wet look with a sheen finish rather than being overly shiny.
Description & Fit
I was sent this in a size Medium which I would hazard a guess at being a size 8 – 10.  It has a very wide and deep V neck which skims over my nipples.  The shoulder straps are thick, with a slimmer strap next to the thicker one.  There’s a long centre panel and a strap which goes around my waist, which I found a teeny bit tight on my 29” waist.  Further thick straps fit at the tops of my thighs, which fit really well.

The back is even more amazing than the front!  I love the high neck crop top at the back, which gives it a totally different look to the skimpy front.  The red corset straps at the back criss-cross over my bum, and the knicker part has a cheeky opening showing off my bum!  It isn’t crotchless; instead, there are3 hook and eye fastenings so you can open it for foreplay / sex / having a pee!  There are two size settings at the crotch.

Skimpy Boob Coverage!

Mapale Body close up, showing boob areaIt’s very skimpy across the boobs, in fact, one of my nipples tends to fall out on occasion (I have quite big boobs).  The top covers the sides of my boobs but shows off their round shape, with the material coming together underneath my boobs to pull them in, creating a bit of cleavage.  The waist strap is a wee bit tight, but otherwise, the Mapale Body fits me really well and it moves when I move.  The style is gorgeous, I particularly love the red ribbon corset-style tie at the back.  One very small problem is that the ribbon is quite long so it can hang down below my crotch, which looks from the front like a red tampon string!!  Thankfully, I can avoid this by tying it in a larger bow, phew!

The Mapale Effect

When I first tried this on, I asked my husband to help me with the photos.  I won’t give you the gory details, but let’s just say it had a rather pleasant effect on him!!  In terms of how I felt wearing it, well it felt almost like I had some sort of bondage gear on.  The feel of the strap around my waist, and particularly the straps around my thighs made me feel like I was semi-bound.  If I were to wear this out underneath my clothes I’d feel super kinky, but I’m not sure I’m brave enough to do so in case my boobs fall out of it (unless I’m wearing a particularly thick jumper).  If you’re uber brave or you frequent nightclubs where all the party-goers are scantily clad, you could wear this with a pair of jeans or a skirt and show off the top.

The Back

I don’t always take too much notice of lingerie from the back unless the design is really something special.  I’d say this one definitely is.  I feel the back makes me look more shapely, as the top highlights my shoulders and upper back, leaving my waist bare.  I love how the knicker part makes my bum look; it flares out making me look more booty-full!  I also like the feel of the material; wet look is a fetish for some and I can really see why.  Even when I’m not wearing it, I just love to touch it!  I only have a couple of lingerie items that are wet look but I feel the need to expand on this…


Wpman wearing the Maple Body, full front view

I would recommend this lingerie to people who enjoy wet look, fans of light bondage-wear, and in terms of size, people of a size 8 – 10.  It fits my boobs (most of the time!) but if you’re bigger than a DD then I’d buy a size Large otherwise you may not have enough material to cover them.

Where to buy the Mapale Body!

You can purchase this gorgeous Wet Look Body from Lovehoney for just £34.99.

*Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

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