Pro 4 Couples on a blue night sky background, close up shot

I do love a Satisfyer, so when they offered to send me the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples to test and review, I jumped at the chance! Thanks to the team for sending this to me.

Pro 4 Couples in packaging on a blue night sky backgroundYour Satisfyer comes in a pristine white box with small flashes of rose gold.  Inside you will find your toy, USB charging cable and instruction book.

The Pro 4 Couples is made from gorgeously soft silicone and is fully waterproof for fans of aquatic play!  Size wise this is quite a small, discreet looking toy.  It fits easily into a small storage bag.  It’s shaped in a ‘V’ as the internal shaft is designed to be worn internally inside your vagina, with the suction style head resting externally on your clitoris.  The internal shaft and suction head can be controlled separately, so you don’t need to have the vibrations switched on inside you.

Being silicone, should you wish to use lubricant with this then you’ll need to use a water-based one so that you don’t damage the material.

Suction Head

The suction head has 11 intensities for you to choose from (yippee!), or you can work your way up by starting gently and increasing the power as you approach climax.  The nozzle is bigger than the Satisfyer Traveller / Penguin so good for the slightly larger clitoris, and being larger it provides a little more broad stimulation.  As the head doesn’t directly make contact with your clitoris, in theory, you should be able to have more than one orgasm as you don’t get any numbing.

Pro 4 Couples on a blue night sky background, being squeezed showing how flexible the toy is

Internal Shaft

The internal shaft is flexible (see photo!), and has 10 vibration settings including some patterns.  Its purpose is to stimulate both your g-spot and your partner’s penis.  As well as feeling the stimulation of the vibrations, your partner should also benefit from you feeling tighter, and you benefit from feeling fuller.  So all in all, this sounded pretty amazing!


You can operate the g-spot and clit stimulators separately.  To switch on the pressure wave, press the On / Off button and hold for 2 seconds.  Use the + and – buttons to increase or decrease intensities.

Pro 4 on a blue night sky background, close up shotTo operate the g-spot stimulator, press and hold the wave button for 2 seconds, keep pressing this button to change the rhythm / pattern.

Couples Toy

Hubby and I decided to try this out during a sex session.  The position we adopted was side by side, sort of like spoons, but facing each other with me lying at a right angle.  I didn’t want to try this in the missionary position in case the body of the toy got in the way.

I put a bit of water-based lube on the internal shaft and the head.  Inserting the toy was easy as the shaft is narrow, but it’s a bit pointy at the end so it felt a little sharp going in.  Thankfully the silicone is soft enough not to be uncomfortable.  I got it into the perfect position and then switched on the settings.  Firstly I turned on the suction head, and put that into position around my clit which was a bit tricky as the internal shaft dug into me; perhaps my clit sits a bit higher than most?  I kept it low, and turned on the vibrations on the internal shaft.  That button was a bit harder to reach as it’s on the bottom, so I had to sit up a bit to see what I was doing.  I enjoy steady speeds in the main, so I put it on the highest constant speed.  It feels a little buzzy, and isn’t hugely powerful.  I appreciate I’ve not sold that to you very well, but to be honest, it does feel quite nice!  I don’t need a pneumatic drill on my g-spot in order to come so I don’t mind a bit of buzz.  So I’m lubed up, Satisfyer in and I’m ready for entering!

Pro 4 on a blue night sky background, photo taken from the sideMy husband pushed his cock inside me and he started to gently thrust.  This is where it all fell apart… the suction head kept losing contact with my clit and making a loud gurgling noise.  Hubby found the noise quite off-putting, even though the shaft felt nice against his cock.  He could barely move without the head losing contact, and anyone who has used this type of toy before knows it needs to remain in place in order to work.  I got fed up with it in the end and took it out!

Going it Alone!

I decided to try using it on my own, with and without a dildo.  I put a mirror on the bed down by my feet so I could see what I was doing; this is when I noticed the unit lights up when in use!  How pretty.  The tip is narrow and easy to insert, but the end can feel a touch pointy when it first goes in.  Once in place however, it sits flat against my g-spot.

The buttons for the suction head are easier to find than the ones controlling the internal shaft, as they are higher up and therefore closer to my hand.  I start off on setting 2 on my clit, working my way up to around setting 4.  The clit settings are quite powerful, and there are more options – something here for everyone.  I have to pull the unit right up in order for it to reach my clit, and it presses the internal shaft into my g-spot.

Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples

I have actually had some super nice, slow and easy orgasms with the Pro 4 Couples, but only when going solo.  I much prefer to play with it in this way, although that isn’t what it was designed for.  I haven’t used it with a dildo for the same reason I don’t use it with a real live penis – any thrusting makes the suction head come away from my clit!

Pro 4 on a blue night sky background, photo taken from the back showing the pressure wave part of the toyNoise

I thought this was worth its own heading, as the volume on this Satisfyer seems louder than some of my others.  This is mainly due to the fact there are two areas of operation – the motor in the internal shaft, and the suction head.  So if you only use the suction head and don’t switch on the internal shaft it’s quieter, however it still isn’t as quiet as a little wee mouse.  If noise is an issue for you, then this might not be the best one to get.

In Summary

I would recommend this to anyone into solo play who enjoys suction style stimulation and wants a little something extra.  It’s a really nice toy, great quality and gorgeous silicone, as I’ve come to expect from Satisfyer and I love that they’re designing different styles of suction toys.  I wouldn’t however recommend it for PIV sex simply because of the issues I’ve had using it.


  • Separately controlled suction head and internal shaft
  • Super soft silicone
  • 100% waterproof
  • Two motors
  • Rechargeable

Where to buy the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples

You can get your very own Pro 4 Couples from Lovehoney, currently on offer at just £50.00!*

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* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

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