Photo of a woman half naked, bent over, and being ‘examined’ by a male

Welcome to my #SOSS post – if you’re unfamiliar with the hashtag, it stands for Share Our Shit Saturday.  This is a meme where bloggers share each others’ work; posts we liked, posts that made us feel hot and bothered and posts that made us want to take action.  Here are my sharesies for this week!

  • This Wicked Wednesday postPhoto of a woman half naked, bent over, being ‘examined’ by a male for a #SOSS post about medical examination erotica, Zumio awards and dicks by Rebel’s Notes got me all hot and bothered.  There’s something about being ‘examined’ that really turns me on; the thought of being naked and vulnerable in front of a medical professional(s)…
  • Congratulations to Zumio for winning Best Female Product at Adultex 2018!  I was lucky enough to be sent a Zumio by the company (my review can be found here), and I absolutely loved it.  It’s a great product and I’m delighted they have won another award, well done team!
  • Woman looking stressed not wanting sex or masturbation for a #SOSS post about medical examination erotica, Zumio awards and dicksAmy (aka Coffee and Kink) has written a useful article called “Keeping your sexy going when times are hard“.  She gives advice on ways to look after yourself – and your partner, if relevant – sexually when life gets on top of you.  Some great stuff here.  It’s actually an old post, but one I missed the first time around and I felt it was useful to share!
  • Isabelle Lauren’s honest and different post “I don’t like dicks“.  Now this isn’t saying she doesn’t enjoy them, but she admits she doesn’t find them visually appealing.  I share her passion for pussy in that I also think women’s genitals are attractive, and I prefer girl on girl porn as women’s bodies turn me on more.  But I do get quite hot and bothered by the sight of a nice, rock hard cock!  Given the choice however, I tend to prefer the sight of a man’s  bum over his willy!  Mmm, men’s bottoms … ?
Search has for the #SOSS hashtag on Twitter to see what else is being shared this week! Why not post your own too, and share the love ?