Welcome to this week’s #SOSS (Share our Shit Saturday)!  Here are a few articles I’ve enjoyed reading over the past week, either because they were useful, funny, or made me gush into my knickers like a waterfall.

  • This article from Emmeline Peaches on the Seven Deadly Sins (this is part 1). I love how Emmeline translates the sins into sex and relationships. It’s not just clever, it has some good advice and things to make you think! I’ve also learned what a Pillow Princess is!
  • These gorgeous photos from Godemiche’s Tumblr page showing a stunning woman showcasing her matching dildo and nail varnish. It features the Ambit in a rather stunning sparkly purple, and she looks simply EPIC.  The contrast of her pale skin against the dark harness, wow!!
  • A review from Sensual Delights for the Aria Finger Wand. I’m intrigued by finger vibrators, but sadly most of the ones I’ve tried haven’t been much good. This one gets a stellar review, I might have to give it a try!

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