Collar and leash set for a #SOSS post about tech advice
  • SOSS photo of DomSigns taken from his tech advice tweetDomSigns fabulous Twitter post for #TechdaddyThursday on uploading images to your blog. Fantastic and helpful tech advice, thanks so much for sharing!
  • Isabelle Lauren’s insightful article about her masturbation habits and techniquesCollar and leash for a #SOSS article on tech advice
  • Joanne’s Reviews published a review of a rather gorgeous collar and leash set from Bondara. I’m not a submissive myself, but her words struck a chord with me: “let me tell you why collars have such a profound impact on me and so many other submissives. Collars are an overt indication of submission or ownership. When I have a collar fastened around my neck, I feel all of my daily troubles, and worries slip away. My mind drifts into a place where the only thing that matters is serving my Dominant.” Joanne – you’ve made submission sound quite appealing! Her full review is here.

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