Vixskin Spur dildo taken from the top, on a blue background

If you love realistic feeling dildos, you may well have heard of Vixskin.  They do the famous ‘Mustang’ dildo which is still on my “I WANT THIS!” list. But before I go for the Mustang I wanted to try out one of their slightly cheaper and smaller dildos, so I opted for the Vixskin Spur.

The Spur

Vixskin Spur dildo taken from the side, on a blue backgroundThe Vixskin Spur is a realistic design dildo with a slight curve for your G or P spot. I ordered it in the Vanilla shade but it’s also available in caramel and chocolate, so you have a choice depending on which ice-cream flavour is your favourite! ?

It’s petite at 6″ long (5 of which are insertable) and it isn’t too girthy at 3.5″ in circumference. It’s made of silicone and is phthalate free. It’s fully waterproof (submersible) so great for playing in the shower or bath, although it doesn’t have a suction cup base so it won’t stick to your tiles for any hands-free thrusting.

Vixskin Spur dildo taken from below showing the thick flat base, on a blue background

The Spur is handmade from the trademarked ‘Vixskin’ silicone and has an extremely realistic finish.  It has dual layering and a solid core, which makes it look and feel like a real cock.  It’s also temperature responsive, so if you warm it up first in hot (but not boiling!) water then it’ll retain the heat.

The wide base is very thick which makes it easy to grip onto and thrust. The fact this comes with a flared base also makes it safe for anal, and I’d say this is a good size for anal too as it isn’t too intimidating. The gentle curve might be nice for p-spot stimulation!  The flat base also makes this suitable for harness wear.

Spur me on!

Vixskin Spur dildo close up of the head, against a blue backgroundFrom my first experience with the Spur, I knew this was going to become a firm favourite.  It slides in easily with just a bit of lube and instantly I feel my pussy grip it with delight; it’s so squishy soft!  I have a sensitive cervix and, although my g-spot can take a pounding, my cervix can’t so I do enjoy a nice soft dildo.  I push the Spur right inside me and press my fingers against its flat base.  I use my fingers to push it in and I let my PC muscles push it back out.  This slow, gentle thrusting feels wonderful when I use a little vibrator on my clit.  As I approach orgasm, I raise my legs higher in the air and start to thrust more heavily with the Spur…

Blended orgasm

Vixskin Spur dildo taken from above, on a blue backgroundThe thrusting quickens as I hold my vibrator against the side of my clit, my go-to position for reaching climax.  A blended orgasm takes over the lower part of my body and I catch my breath as the orgasm is pushed from deep inside me.  I lay and enjoy the sweeping heat of my orgasm, leaving the Spur inside me for a while longer as it feels so damn nice!!


As you can possibly tell, I’m quite enamoured by the Spur!  And I absolutely love the Vixskin silicone.  I’d recommend this to lovers of soft squidgy silicone and petite dildos; this might be suitable for someone new to penetration, anally or vaginally.  Harness wearers may also love this, however If you don’t like realistic dildos then I wouldn’t recommend it.

Vixskin Spur dildo in it's original packaging which is a cylinder box

Where to get your Spur!

You can buy the Spur from Lovehoney for £74.99.*

* Prices are correct at the time of publishing this post.

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