Moregasm Love Egg packaging

Ann Summers have sent me the brand new Moregasm Remote Control Love Egg in exchange for my honest review. Thanks, Ann Summers! It’s exciting to be involved in a new product range.


Moregasm Love Egg in it's box, stylish packaging showcasing the love egg and remote controlThe Moregasm Love Egg comes in an attractive black box with snazzy gold lettering; the packaging looks like it contains something of a high quality. You’ll see the bright pink egg next to a small curved black remote control. The remote needs a CR2032 lithium battery to operate, which is included in the pack. I haven’t heard of this type of battery before so I’m hoping it isn’t tricky to find a replacement! The love egg is rechargeable and a USB cable is included. You also get a detailed instruction leaflet.

The Egg

The egg is made of dual density body safe silicone. This means the top layer is made from a very squishy silicone, but underneath it’s firm. I’ve not got anything else that’s dual density, and I love it! The top layer is incredibly soft and squidgy, and feels lovely! You can operate the egg on the egg itself, or by the remote. Note that if you operate the egg without the remote, you can get it to the setting you desire but you can’t change it without removing it first (which is a faff). It’s a little larger than some love eggs I have.

Moregasm Love Egg USB chrging cable and battery for the remote control

The egg comes partially charged so you can play straight away, good for impatient types! Although I opted to charge it fully before its first use.

Control & Operation

The remote control is small, discreet looking and slightly curved. It resembles a key fob so no one will know what it is if they accidentally see it (phew!). It has 2 buttons so you can scroll backwards and forwards through the 10 functions it provides. If, like me, you’re a fan of constant speeds you’ll be pleased to hear it has 5 of them. Hurrah!

Moregasm Love Egg showing where to insert the charging cableTo charge the egg, push the charger into the small hole at the top of the egg which lies in between the strap. Once charged, press and hold the on/off switch on the egg for 2 seconds to turn it on. Press the button again to start it up, and continue to press to change the pattern. As a single button, you can’t scroll this way.

Play time!

I prefer to switch it on so that its ready for action, but not turn on the vibrations until once it’s inside me. When you press the on/off button on the egg, it vibrates once so you know it’s on. And the light flashes the whole time it’s switched on.

Bright pink Moregasm Love Egg side by side with its remote controlI apply some water-based lube (which is compatible with silicone toys) and slip it inside. It’s a bit of a stretch at its widest point (the mid-section), but comfortable once fully inserted. I then switch on the remote control by pressing the on/off button and holding it for 1 second, then I press the left / right keys to start the vibration. It’s a bit of a surprise, albeit a nice one, when I switch it on! You may want to get used to the vibrations and noise before inserting. Top tip – try it on your nose. The tip of your nose is super sensitive so it’ll give you a feeling of what the vibrations will be like before insertion.

I prefer to use love eggs when I’m playing as I like the hands-free action, leaving my fingers free to stimulate my clit. But I did walk around the house wearing this to check the comfort, and it’s quite nice to wander about doing your daily chores with the egg stimulating your insides. It’s quite loud, so I wouldn’t wear it out unless I went somewhere noisy. The deep vibrations feel good, the egg’s girth makes me feel nice and full.

Moregasm Love Egg on it's front, photo taken from aboveWhen I’m playing, I switch the egg onto the lowest constant speed and start to stimulate my clit. I up the speed after a few minutes, then again to increase the power. I like to use the pink strap to gently tug on the egg, this can feel quite pleasurable if you tighten your PC muscles at the same time. I also like to pull the strap to one side and hold open my labia with it. I’ve managed to orgasm easily with the love egg, in combination with a little bullet on my clit.

Removal & Cleaning

Once your session has finished, use the strap to pull the Moregasm love egg out after use. Switch the on/off button on the remote control, and do the same with the egg; it’ll vibrate quickly 3 times and then turn itself off, and the light will stop flashing.

It’s easy to clean – I use a sex toy cleaner and give it a good spray, then rub and rinse and leave it to air dry.


Moregasm Love Egg with Petra's hand showing how squishy the dual density silicone isThis is a smooth, fairly large love egg with a reasonable girth. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this to someone who has never used a love egg before, unless you are comfortable with girth. But for anyone with experience of love eggs who wants something a bit bigger and more filling, it’s awesome!

How to get your Moregasm Plus Love Egg

Buy your Moregasm Plus Love Egg from Ann Summers for £80*, and check out the rest of the range!

* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

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