The stunning Seven till Midnight shiny bra set is a one size piece from Lovehoney comprising a bra, suspender knickers (not crotchless), handcuffs and stockings.


I love the bra!  It has bondage-style straps which go over the curve of my boobs, giving me a somewhat kinky look.  There is an O ring style centre clasp, the same detail features on the knickers near the hips.  The knickers are slinky and sexy, and look fab when teamed with the stockings.

This outfit includes some soft handcuffs for light bondage play, perfect for a kinky weekend away!


There’s a single hook and eye fastening at the back of the bra which has three settings, so has plenty of options.  The strap which goes under your boobs is quite thin, so might not be supportive enough for huge boobies (although this set wasn’t designed with support in mind!)  The bra straps are also adjustable, as are the suspender straps.

The non-crotchless knickers means you need to take them off when having sex.  No biggie for me – I prefer crotch-in knickers in general.

My Measurements & Fit

I’m a size 8 to 10 (more of a 10 these days!!), with 32DD boobs and slim hips.  I’m petite at just 5’1.  I feel comfortable in this outfit, it clings to all my curves without digging in and creating a muffin top.

The stockings are a wee bit tight on my thighs, as despite my overall petite size, my thighs are relatively big (I inherited them from my mum!).  They are also quite thin so be careful not to put your finger through them.  The tops of the stockings are plain black, and look super sexy with the rest of the outfit.  There’s no girly lace or delicate features here – just hardcore shiny black.

Loves & Hates!

I love that you get the full outfit.
I love the bondage style design, I feel my kinky side comes out when I wear it.
I love the O ring features.
I love the fact the knickers aren’t crotchless.
I hate that the thin stockings don’t fit around my thighs.
I hate super thin stockings as they tear too easily.


I would recommend this to fans of sexy, black lingerie and people who aren’t afraid to show a bit of skin.  If you have massive boobs then you won’t find much support in the bra.  If you have slim legs then you might love the stockings, but for those of us with curvy thighs you may prefer to use your own stockings.

Where to buy!

This shiny bra set is currently on offer at Lovehoney at an absolute steal of just £20 – hurry, they are discontinuing it!