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I love sexy lingerie.  Whether I’m wearing it in the bedroom to enhance the bits I like (and hide the bits I don’t!), or I’m wearing something pretty, lacy or sexy underneath my clothes, wearing nice lingerie makes me feel good.  I don’t own a single pair of Bridget Jones pants (although I do have some unflattering ones I go running in!) and I always take care to ensure my bra matches my knickers.

How can sexy lingerie improve your sex life?

Woman wearing sexy red dress for a sponsored post on erotic dresses and sex lingerie UKWhen I first discovered sex toy companies, it was all about the toys.  I quickly became a toy addict but I never glanced at the lingerie.  Then once, I decided to take a look at what was out there and purchased a couple of sexy pieces of lingerie, and now I’m hooked!  I just can’t resist buying something gorgeous that I know will flatter me and make me feel good.

I don’t buy lingerie exclusively for my partner, I buy it for me, but I must admit I love to see his face when I’m wearing something new and it has an effect on him!  Feeling appreciated because you’ve made the effort works wonders in the bedroom.  Granted he loves to see me naked, but he’s seen me naked every day for the last 20 years.  Wearing something new that flatters my skin tone, highlights my boobs or my bum, or feels luxurious against my bare skin, really brings a smile to his face.

Feeling confident makes me more active in the bedroom too.  I love lazing around in my PJs, but when I want sex I need to get into the mood first.  So I put on some sexy lingerie, read a dirty book, and make the bedroom look alluring.  I have little rosebud lights above my bed and some lingerie & bedding spray that I use to create the right atmosphere.  Dressed in my best lingerie, I feel ready for some lovin’!

What are Erotic Dresses?

Erotic dresses look great whether you’re looking for something to wear in the bedroom, or out – if you dare!  If I was going to attend a sex party, I’d certainly want to wear something super sexy and slinky.  I’ve occasionally worn lingerie as outerwear, depending on what it is and how daring I’m feeling.  Some of the erotic dresses at Sintimacy are just too pretty to keep in the bedroom!  They could double as nightwear too.  You can choose from long, short, red, black, pink, lacy, stripey, cut-out, mesh, wet look, bodies, camisoles and dresses.

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Have a look at the gorgeous lingerie and erotic dresses on offer over at Sintimacy.

This post was written in collaboration with Sintimacy, all words are my own.