Woman's gorgeous long legs in fishnet tights for a SOSS post about Fishnets

Welcome to this week’s #SOSS (Share Our Shit Saturday)!

What a week it’s been.  National Orgasm Day was on Tue 31st July, Lovehoney have a brand new TV advert, and I’ve been seriously considering fishnets.  OK, so the first two are big news!!  Here are some snippets of things I’ve enjoyed this week.

  • Lovehoney’s new TV advert is sexy, saucy and naughty!  You can check it out on YouTube.
  • This Masturbation Monday contribution called ‘A Friend in Need‘ from Floss.  If you like lesbian Erotica, I’d highly recommend this!  It’s a short story, but it’s hot as fuck.
  • So it was #NationalOrgasmDay and Twitter went wild with jokes and double entendres such as these classics:“The day before National Orgasm Day is always an anti-climax.”“The day after National Orgasm Day always comes too soon.”“National Orgasm Day can’t come fast enough.”Fnar fnar.
  • A review of the Rocks Off Ruby Glow from Joannes Reviews.  I personally struggled with the Ruby Glow as it didn’t fit my anatomy, but Joanne got on well with it. She’s recommended it for people with mobility issues, her review is very informative and well worth a look.
  • Everyone loves a competition! And here’s a kinky one, whoop!  Thanks Kayla Lords for this one. Open to residents of the US, Canada and the UK.
  • Sinful Sunday is always brilliant, whether you’re taking part or just watching!  I particularly loved this post from Submissy which opened up a discussion around fishnets and whether they suit people with shorter legs (i.e. me!)  I’ve not found a pair that I like yet, as I always feel they look silly on my little legs.  But thanks to Little Switch Bitch, I’ve now got myself a pair of the most gorgeous wide fishnets from Lovehoney.  Here are a few of the photos from our Twitter conversation, for your viewing pleasure!  You’re welcome.

Little Switch Bitch

Woman wearing fishnet tights posing in front of an xmas tree, for a #SOSS post called Fishnets









Posy Churchgate

Woman wearing fishnets photo taken from the front for a #SOSS post called Fishnets

Sweet Girl

Woman wearing blingy, sparkly fishnets for a #SOSS post called Fishnets

Thanks to @5ubmissy for the original post, plus @PosyChurchgate, @_LittleSBitch and @sweetgirl_mrh for sharing their sexy pics.

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