Lovehoney Triple Rabbit Vibrator in its packaging

I bought one of the original Happy Rabbit vibrators from Lovehoney after reading the most amazing reviews, I got the standard pink one with the curved shaft.  I remember being a little overwhelmed with how big it was when it arrived, and the new range is no different!  Lovehoney have kindly sent me the Happy Rabbit Triple Vibrator for review (thanks guys!) and it’s fair to say it’s a beast.  I was photographing it and my other half walked into the bedroom and said; “bloody hell, that’s a big one!”

Lovehoney Triple Rabbit Vibrator next to its USB charger and instructions on a blue fairy backgroundI’m a fan of triple stimulation and really liked the look of this beautiful big, black, curved rabbit vibrator.  It has 3 motors (OMG) all ready to stimulate your most private areas simultaneously to give you a mind-blowing blended orgasm.  There are 9 functions in the ears and the curved anal beads, and 12 functions (3 constant speeds and 9 patterns) in the shaft which is curved for massaging your sweet spot.

Feeling my rabbit

The Triple Rabbit is made from the smoothest, velvety soft silicone, and is a joy to touch.  And let’s face it, who doesn’t like stroking a rabbit?  It feels luxurious, high quality, and is extremely well made.  It’s one of the best rabbits I’ve managed to get my greedy little hands on.


Lovehoney Triple Rabbit Vibrator from the back, close up of the anal beadsImpatient types – you’ll be pleased to know it comes with some charge already in it, so you can play straight away!  But to charge it up fully, it takes 2.5 hours and that gives you around 2 hours of play time.  When you see a solid green light, it is fully charged.

There’s a travel lock feature on the Triple which is always handy – no one wants the embarrassment of a vibrating suitcase!


I was expecting big noise from the Triple, after all, it has three motors!  But it’s impressively quiet on the lower speeds, even with the shaft, ears and beads all vibrating.  It isn’t whisper quiet, but certainly not as loud as some of my toys and nothing a duvet wouldn’t muffle!


Lovehoney Triple Rabbit Vibrator fulll view of the front showing the sizeOMGF!  The vibrations are super, super deep.  The shaft growls on and delivers bone shattering rumbles which rock my lower body.  All three of the motors delivery rumbly vibrations but the ears and beads are a bit more gentle at the lower speeds.

Operating the Triple Vibrator

To switch on the shaft, press the long button that looks like the top of an exclamation mark. You can now scroll through 3 constant speeds and 9 patterns.  Press the button again to turn the shaft vibrations off.

Press the small round button to turn on both the rabbit ears and anal beads.  Keep pressing the button to scroll through 9 combinations, and long press it again to switch off.

Play time

Lovehoney Triple Rabbit Vibrator showing the flexibility in the anal beadsFor my first attempt at using the Triple, I took my time and applied loads of water-based lube to the shaft, the ears and the beads.  The gorgeously silky smooth silicone is not at all draggy so it’s easy to insert, but the girth of the shaft gives me a pleasant stretch.  I could only fit 2 of the anal beads in the first time, but that was enough to get me off.  The rabbit ears fit against my clit really well, and are bendy so you can move them to fit your anatomy.

The more I play with the Triple, the further I manage to get it inside me and I can fit 3 of the anal beads inside me now (I’m getting there!)  It feels glorious to have my most intimate parts filled with a big, thick, black vibrator, rumbling away against all my nerve endings and sending me to ecstasy.  I don’t thrust, I don’t find there is any need as the Triple does all the work for me.  It’s such a gorgeous vibrator, I have absolutely loved testing it out and it’s managed to find a place in my ‘top drawer’ – saved exclusively for my favourite sex toys!


Lovehoney Triple Rabbit Vibrator photo showing the bend in the shaftAs the Triple vibrator is fully waterproof, cleaning is quite simple.  With the three parts I find it easier to actually submerse it into water then give it a rub with some soap, before spritzing it with sex toy cleaner and rinsing under the tap.  Take care with the anal beads and rabbit ears; the design means dirt can become hidden so give it a really thorough rub.  Then leave it to air dry, ready for your next session!


The Triple is fairly large and super powerful so I’d recommend this to people who love a bit of strength in a vibrator!  If you’ve never tried anal before, I’d recommend starting with some separate beads or a butt plug before trying out the rabbit as it can be tricky to get the beads in if you aren’t used to anal.  If you like to be filled and thoroughly stimulated in all areas, then give this beauty a try!


  • Lovehoney Triple Rabbit Vibrator showing the flexibility in the rabbit earsFeatured in The Times and recommended for combined clitoral and penetrative stimulation!  Get you, Lovehoney!!
  • Rechargeable
  • Curved shaft for g-spot stimulation
  • Thick rabbit ears for clitoral stimulation
  • Curved anal beads for double penetration
  • 21 functions in total
  • 3 powerful motors!

Where to Get the Happy Rabbit Triple Vibrator!

You can buy the Happy Rabbit Triple Vibrator from Lovehoney for £79.99*

* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

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