Welcome to this week’s #SOSS!

I’ve included some naughty, saucy and downright kinky bits in this week’s post including middle of the night sex and huge dildos, and I’ve also some articles I’ve found useful around writing a sponsored post for your blog. I hope you find them useful!

  • Pixie Heart’s submission for Masturbation Monday. There’s something wild about having sex in the middle of the night, when all is still and quiet and everyone is fast asleep. I love the quiet of nighttime, being awake when no one else is. And now I’m imagining lots of couples perhaps aren’t sleeping after all!
  • This Sinful Sunday post from May More. I love the voyeuristic feel to this photo, like I’m staring in through someone’s bedroom window. I also like the grainy dark image, it makes it feel like night time. All in all, it makes for a super sexy sinful Sunday!
  • Mr Hankeys Huge DildosThis review from Scanderella, a self-confessed lover of huge dildos, of Mr Hankeys Seahorse Dildo. This is a beast, and it’s not even the biggest version they offer!! I love how funny this review is, and the photos of the simply gorgeous gigantic dildo.
These articles have helped me this week after I was contacted by a company wanting me to write a sponsored post. Some really helpful advice here, which other bloggers may find useful:

How to make money from sponsored posts, image part of a post called #SOSS - Huge Dildos

Thanks so much to the bloggers above for their posts. If you’ve enjoyed this blog, why not join in the fun and write your own? Search for the #SOSS hashtag in Twitter and see what others have been sharing!