Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic sex toy kit, picture showing all 3 toys - Classic Vibrator, Kegel Balls and Bullet Vibe

Thanks to Lovehoney for sending me the ‘A Little Bit of Magic‘ sex toy kit to review!  It’s like Christmas getting a sex toy kit, opening the box and finding a bundle of toys to play with.

This Magic kit contains an ombre designed classic style vibrator, a mermaid bullet vibrator and rainbow kegel balls.  It’s one of the prettiest, girliest sets of toys I’ve ever had.  I love a bit of sparkle and blingy, shiny things, and the toys in this kit are just gorgeous!

Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic sex toy kit in its packaging

So what were my first impressions?  Attractive packaging, and good looking toys.  They sit inside a plastic tray and sparkle away at me, tempting me with their beauty.  I take out the kegel balls, which feel lovely and weighty and my bits tingle as I anticipate sliding them inside me and letting them jingle jangle away.  The bullet vibe is next, which is a cute, small-ish battery operated vibrator.  I open the compartment in the hope there is a battery inside, but alas, there is none.  Likewise with the big, shiny classic style ombre vibrator, and this greedy beast needs 4 AAA’s!  Thankfully, being a sex toy tester means I come prepared (excuse the pun) and I reach for my ample stash of AAAs and get started.

Could it be magic?

Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic sex toy kit, picture showing the Ombré Classic VibratorCome!  Come!  Come into my arms!  Sorry, went a bit Take That there… So I started my testing with the simply gorgeous Ombre Classic Vibrator.

This big vibrator is super powerful and rumbly as hell.  I can hardly keep hold of it!  It’s a nice size with ample length and a reasonable girth for a classic vibrator.  It’s so silky smooth and glossy I don’t need a single drop of lube, it just slips inside me.  It’s actually hard to keep it in; if I don’t hold onto it, it just slides right out!  Seriously silky smooth.
I adore the design, it’s shiny and blingy and girly.  Whoever designed this set has done an amazing job, as each of the items look stunning either alone or as a set.
The tip is gently tapered but not to a pinpoint.  The on/off button is very responsive!  I suggest removing the batteries if you are travelling in case this bad boy goes off!  I accidentally knocked the switch once when it was inside the box and it turned on – sounded like a plane taking off!  Admittedly it was rumbling against the plastic inner tray so it was undeniably louder than usual, but it frightened the life out of me.  Luckily I was just at home, but that could’ve been embarrassing if I hadn’t have been so something to bear in mind.
Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic sex toy kit, bullet and classic vibrator side by side to show the size differenceNoise wise, it’s loud, there’s no dressing it up.  If you need to use it subtly, you could drown it out with music or use it under a duvet.  I’ll forgive it for being loud as it’s so powerful!
There are 3 speeds and 7 patterns.  The patterns feel great thanks to the rumbliness of the vibrations, and are good for edging.  I’m a fan of constant speeds myself, but I do occasionally enjoy a pattern for a warm-up, and I particularly like them internally.
The power is a bit too much for my clit so I use it internally.  The ample length means I can thrust easily although I prefer to hold it still inside me and let it rumble my jungle!!  I only tend to use the lowest speed and the patterns.  This is the definition of rumbly; my whole vulva shakes when this is working it’s magic!  Power queens – you’ll love it.
Izzy Wizzy, let’s get… Buzzy

Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic sex toy kit, picture showing the mermaid bullet vibeNow onto the Mermaid Bullet vibe.  This pretty little bullet has 3 constant speeds and 7 patterns.  It’s rigid and the plastic coating is very smooth to the touch.  I love the pattern!  This set is really beautifully designed.  The tip of the Mermaid is very pinpoint, and you can use the side of the tip (or the side of the bullet itself) for a more spread-out, broad sensation.

The lowest speed is quite nice, relatively deep, not overly powerful but pleasant on my clit as a warm-up.  The second is a touch buzzier, and the top speed is way too fast and buzzy for my liking.  I can reach orgasm with the lowest constant speed although it’s a slow process.  I’m not much of a pattern fan so I tend to leave these, but if you like patterns there are 7 to tickle your fancy.  Bullets always seem to vibrate your hand as well as your clit due to it being so small, which is mildly irritating but to be expected.

In comparison to the Classic Vibrator, the bullet is a lot less powerful, less noisy, and (obviously) smaller.

Kegel Balls – now you see them!

Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic sex toy kit, kegel ball setAaaaand now you don’t as I’ve slipped them inside me.  OK sorry – I’ll quit the magic jokes!  Kegel balls are fantastic for exercising your pelvic floor muscles which can help you to experience stronger and super intense orgasms.  Working your pelvic floor muscles can also make you feel tighter.  They also feel rather nice inside you as they’re heavy which makes you involuntarily squeeze around them to keep them in – and this is how your muscles get a workout.

The pretty rainbow coloured kegel balls weigh 95g so they are quite weighty.  You can remove one or both of them if you want to work your way up.  I tried this, and removed one of my balls (sounds painful) squishing the other empty compartment into my vag.  It wasn’t particularly difficult to get it in, and the other ball slipped in too.  The ‘string’ end hangs outside of you to help with removal.  Walking around, they feel nice and quite subtle.  I’ve used kegel balls before and I prefer a bit more weight, so I removed them and added the other ball back in (it just pops into the compartment).  This felt great, with enough weight for me to squeeze around, but also comfortable enough to wear for long periods.  I gave the string a gentle tug, and I could feel how deep they were inside me.

The real test of kegel balls is when you next come to have a play – how does your orgasm feel?  Does everything feel a bit more sensitive and alive down there?  If so, then they’ve done their job.

Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic sex toy kit, kegel balls, close upSo… I lubed up my balls (lol) with water-based lube.  I’m not entirely sure if the outer casing of the kegel balls are made from silicone or not, so I use water-based just in case (any lube other than water-based will react with silicone).  I popped them in and reached for a trusty clit vibrator that I know will get me off (the Zumio in case you’re interested!)

I came super fast, as I always do with the Zumio, and had an intense orgasm.  Whether that’s due to wearing the kegels beforehand and strengthening my pelvic floor muscles, or whether it’s because they were inside me at the time, I don’t know.  But my orgasm was definitely intense!  Whilst wearing them, I feel full and tight and they make me horny even though they aren’t directly touching my clit.  Squeezing my muscles around them, whether I’m playing at the time or not, feels really good.

Take care when cleaning your balls (I’m giggling again now… so childish) and use an antibacterial sex toy cleaner if you have one.  I remove the balls and clean the outer casing inside and out, as well as the individual balls, then I leave the parts to air-dry separately.


I love the style, power and rumbliness of the ombre vibrator.  I really love the kegel balls as they do their job, and they’re super pretty!  The bullet didn’t wow me, but it’s not terrible, just not a personal favourite.  I’d definitely recommend the kit as it’s a great price for three super pretty toys which would sell very well individually.


  • 3 piece kit includes kegel balls, bullet vibrator and classic vibrator
  • Both vibrators have 10 functions – 3 speeds and 7 patterns
  • 95g weighted kegel balls
  • Great gift idea, or treat yourself!

Where to get yours

Lovehoney A Little Bit Of Magic sex toy kitBuy your own magic kit here for just 39.99!*

* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

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