Cal Exotics Impress Scoop Vibrator photo taken from above showing the whole vibrator

I spotted the Scoop on the Lovehoney website and was intrigued by the shape, and the pressure sensitive pad.  It’s unlike anything I’ve seen before, and I like unusual toys.  So I popped it into my virtual basket and it’s now mine!

What is The Scoop?
Cal Exotics Impress Scoop Vibrator in its packaging

The Scoop is marketed as a g-spot vibrator.  It’s ‘ergonomically curved’ with a wide tip, that looks like a big fingertip.  It’s a pressure-sensitive vibrator, the first one I’ve bought, so I was keen to see how it worked.  It boasts 12 functions which can be controlled via the buttons and the pressure pad.  The tip is super soft and I was aching to press it against my clit before using it internally.  The large pressure pad is easy to hold and responsive.  I love the colour as I’m a fan of girly pink but appreciate this might not suit everyone!

In theory, this should be a bloody amazing vibrator!  So was it?

First Impressions
Cal Exotics Impress Scoop Vibrator photo taken from above showing the whole vibratorI like the size of this vibrator, and its ample curve makes it ideal for hitting the g-spot.  The outside of the head is very broad, with the fingertip shaped tip sitting inside it, looking a bit like a clitoris in its hood (or an olive sat on a spoon!!).  The handle is wide which makes it easy to grip onto and the pressure pad is super squishy.
I switch it on and put it against my clit… and it’s not terribly powerful.  I enjoy lower power with something more pinpoint and direct so it isn’t overwhelming, but with broad shapes, I prefer to have a bit more oomph.  The very first time I used this, I used it for clit stimulation but I got fed up and used something else.  Not a good start!
I liked the pressure pad, and the fact you can also use the vibrator without it – if you press the pad down to get it to a speed you like you can press the lock button and it stays on that speed.  If you prefer to change your speed up and down then simply squish the pad to take back control.
Cal Exotics Impress Scoop Vibrator close up of the headNow this is where the Scoop comes into its own.  I wasn’t sure the Scoop would feel good internally at first, due to the shape of the top; it didn’t look like it would feel particularly comfortable going in.  But I was wrong – I applied some water-based lube and it slid in easily.  I turned it onto its side first, as the tip is wide so by turning it around, it goes in lengthways which feels comfortable.  Then once it was inside me I turned it so the tip would rest against my g-spot.  Then I switched it on, and the vibrations felt a lot deeper, stronger, and more intense.  To be fair, this toy is marketed as a g-spot vibrator and that’s what it’s good at.
I had a play for a while then I wanted to add a bullet vibrator for some clit stimulation.  This is where it’s useful to put the lock on, so you don’t have to keep a hold of it.  The speeds are incremental but are set constant speeds, and there are 5 you can use.  They increase and decrease through the amount of pressure you put on the pressure pad.
Cal Exotics Impress Scoop Vibrator close up of the handle and pressure padI didn’t thrust with the Scoop as I don’t feel it’s designed for thrusting.  The shape allows you to rest the tip against your sweet spot and use the pressure pad for edging.  The patterns feel quite nice too, I enjoy using them to work my way up and then put it on a high constant speed and lock the setting when I approach orgasm, so I can concentrate on my clit.
I’ve orgasmed most of the times I’ve used the Scoop, but I need to combine it with clit stimulation which is just my way of getting there.  It’s easy to use, surprisingly comfortable and I enjoy the pressure pad feature.  However if it wasn’t for the pressure pad, it wouldn’t be anything hugely special.
  • 12 functions and incremental speeds
  • Pressure sensitive progressive speeds
  • Auto lock for function and speed
  • Silicone
  • Flexible shaft
  • Waterproof (submersible)
  • 4.75” length
  • LED 2 colour indicator

Cal Exotics

I’m a fan of Cal Exotics’ quirky toys, especially their Marvelous Flicker vibrator which is a tongue-shaped vibe.  Check out my review of it, here!

Where to Buy

You can buy the Cal Exotics Impress Scoop Vibrator here – priced at £39.99*

* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

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