Ersties Podcast article showing a woman with 'censored' plastered all over her for a Podcast they recorded about porn censorship

If you’re looking for a podcast with a difference, have a listen to Ersties Podcasts.  They’re great if you’re looking for news from the sex industry, sexy chats, advice and information from the weird to the wonderful!

What is

Ersties is an adult site which began in 2010. “OK, sounds good Petra – but what’s so special about Xit?” I hear you cry!  Well, I’ll tell you.  Ersties porn is all recorded by and produced for women.  It’s natural, unscripted, authentic.  The all-female team share one common goal – “to exhibit women’s sexuality and eroticism naturally”.

The stars are beautiful but natural, real-life looking – like the sort of people you’d bump into on the street or at the local supermarket.  This gives it a more authentic feel.  You won’t find dodgy storylines and bad acting here; therefore there are no plumbers coming to fix your leaky tap, sorry if that disappoints.  The productions are unscripted and real – including the orgasms.  You can find out more about here.

Ersties the porn site sponsors the Ersties podcasts, which I’ll tell you about now…

What are the Podcasts about?

Ersties Podcast cartoon character pictures of the hostsThere are four female hosts who are based in Berlin, Germany.  The monthly sex podcasts came about when the hosts were discussing sex and wondered whether their conversation would prove to be useful and entertaining to others. They discuss all sorts of topics relating to sex, dating and the sex industry.  It’s the sort of stuff you won’t find in the mainstream media.  It’s honest, thought-provoking and insightful, but the discussions have a friendly and relaxed feel, like you’re sitting in the kitchen having a cup of tea, chatting with your friends.

Their website is bright, colourful and fun and it’s easy to navigate and find your way around.  The podcasts contain a wide range of content, from coming out to your parents about your profession as a sex worker, magic and witchcraft, periods, stories of sex parties, self-love, internet censorship, kinky stories, sexting, camming, polyamory, as well as interviews with other people in the sex industry.

Although Ersties have been going for a few years, the podcast is still relatively new having started in 2017.  There are a few episodes in the archive you can catch up on.

It’s fantastic to hear content from four confident, body positive women from an industry dominated by, and predominantly catered for, men.

Who are the hosts?

The hosts all have individual and unique views, however they work really well together.  So let’s meet them!

Ersties team photo of the four hosts

L-R: Pandora, Olivia, Paulita and Lina

Paulita Pappel

  • Feminist pornographer
  • Producer, performer and director
  • Founder of
  • Co-curator and co-organiser of Pornfilmfestival Berlin

Lina Bembe

  • Mexican performer
  • Performs in alt-porn productions
  • Model
  • Writer
  • Also engages in non-explicit films about feminism and sexuality


  • Highbrow sexter, lowbrow cultural critic
  • Writes erotic fantasies and articles from real life perverted experiences
  • Likes to get contradictory about emotions
  • Lighthearted (when appropriate)


  • Inappropriate comment maker
  • Awkward social situation connoisseur
  • Likes napping and wine

(Pandora sounds very much like me!!)

Which are my favourite Podcasts?

Episode #5
I kink therefore I am.  Lina was away traveling for this podcast so the hosts were joined by a guest host from the sex industry.  It features stories and experiences of kinks and sexting; the hosts take a look at the definition of kink and where some of their kinks might have come from.  Includes spanking with hairbrushes, masochism, dry humping washing machines(!), Ben Wa balls and BDSM.  They also discuss their own favourite kinks including abandonment, abduction, urination, breath restriction.  The second part on sexting features dick pics and advice on how to get a steamy text session started.  Lots of interesting information and advice in this one!

Episode #8
Sex party confessions!  This podcast contains snippets from the hosts’ first ever live podcast which took place in Berlin.  It’s informative and funny!  The audience seemed pretty quiet and most hadn’t ever attended a sex party, so the hosts had their work cut out.  In this episode they talk generally about sex parties and describe their experiences with dark rooms.  Very insightful!

Are Ersties on social media?

Cartoon of the Ersties team at a press conferenceIf you follow the Ersties Podcast on Twitter you’ll have access to a load more interesting content; on female pleasure, app dating, consent, BDSM and more. You can also follow the hosts @PaulitaPappel @linabembe @ohlvr and @PandoraPassmore.

Here are some of my favourite tweets:

When is the Podcast out?

The Ersties podcast goes out on the first Friday of every month.

Where can I find it?

You can find the podcasts at 

You can also search your Podcasts for ‘Ersties’ and subscribe.  Available on iPhone, Soundcloud, Google Play and Stitcher.  Coming soon to Spotify and RSS!

This post was sponsored by Ersties podcast and the images belong to Ersties. Article was written by Petra Pan.