Lapdance Fishnet Stockings photo taken from above, with Petra wearing black heels

This purchase started as a conversation on Twitter where I admitted that fishnets don’t usually flatter my petite legs. One blogger said she is equally ‘vertically challenged’ and she wears fishnets with larger holes, and then the Lovehoney Lapdance Fishnet Stockings were recommended to me by Little Switch Bitch.  Her legs looked amazing in them and I was very impressed with her photos, so I took a chance on them and they made their way into my basket.  I’m so glad I bought them, they’ve changed my mind about fishnets!  I love how they make my legs look and I feel really sexy in them.

Graphic Fence Net Weave

They feature a ‘graphic fence net weave’ with multi strands (sounds technical), with a floral lace band at the top.  The weave is more narrow where the toes fit, which makes them a lot more comfortable and means your big toe doesn’t poke out!

The Fit

Lapdance Fishnet Stockings, close up of the topsThe Lapdance fishnet stockings are one size, which usually makes me nervous.  At 5’1, I’m shorter than the average person so I usually find one-size can be too long.  However, these fit me really well!  The gorgeous thick lacy tops sit nicely on my thighs and the legs don’t look baggy or stretched at all.

The thigh part is tight enough to stay put and they stay in place really well, but they aren’t overly tight which is a godsend – too tight thigh tops can make my skin hang over the top which isn’t particularly pretty.

They’re made from 95% nylon with 5% spandex for a nice stretchy fit.

The Look

The larger holes I feel make me look really sexy, whereas small hole fishnet stockings just don’t suit me at all.  The lace tops are super pretty and have lots of detail.  Even the toe section looks pretty, whereas with lots of tights and stockings that part is usually pretty ugly.  At the tops, just underneath the lace thigh bands, there is a different pattern which offers an unusual look.

Above all, I feel sexy when I wear these, and that’s the main thing.  With the larger holes, a lot of flesh is on display.  I can’t wait to wear them out and tease my hubby with a glimpse of what’s to come!


  • Black fishnet stockings with thick lace thigh-bands
  • Easy to attach suspenders to lace tops
  • Graphic diamond pattern to draw the focus to your legs
  • More narrow weave at the feet for comfort
  • Ample stretch to fit multiple sizes


As a petite girl, I would recommend these to other ‘shorties’ as they fit me super well.  I feel they would have enough stretch in them for longer legs although I can’t test this out of course!

Where to Buy

Click here to purchase the gorgeous Lapdance Fishnet Stockings from Lovehoney, costing just £9.99!*

* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

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