Nu-Sensuelle Femme Giselle close up of the operating buttons

The Nu-Sensuelle range is growing in popularity as I see more and more bloggers giving positive reviews.  It’s certainly proving to be popular with me!  Thanks to Latex, Leather and Lace for sending me the Nu-Sensuelle Femme Giselle to review.

Nu-Sensuelle Femme Giselle photo taken from the side showing the rabbit ears and curve of the shaft

The Giselle is a curved rabbit vibrator with dual motors and extra long rabbit ears.  It comes with a USB charger, instructions and a storage bag. I LOVE it when toy companies include storage bags, especially as they’re all slightly different and they often have the company logo on the outside. It means my toy drawers don’t contain hundreds of the same coloured bag which makes it difficult to find a certain toy!

Velvety Smooth Silicone

This rabbit vibe is made of the most velvety soft, smooth silicone which feels delicious to stroke.  It has a rolling ball massager at the tip of the shaft, which moves up and down to massage your g-spot.

I was pleased to discover the Giselle had some charge in it so I could play straight away.

Dual Motors

Nu-Sensuelle Femme Giselle photo taken from the side showing the buttons and the curved shaftThe ears and shaft can be controlled separately or you can have them buzzing away simultaneously. On activating the rabbit ears, I thought, wow, that’s quiet! Then I switched up the settings and it got louder. I then switched on the shaft and OMFG that is loud! This is due to the rolling ball at the top of the shaft, which I absolutely love.  The tip moves up and down mimicking the action of the tip of a tongue.  It’s designed to be lovingly pressed against the g-spot but anything that resembles a tongue is heading straight for my clit!

Rabbit Ears

Nu-Sensuelle Femme Giselle close up of the rabbit earsThe rabbit ears have 4 constant speeds, and 6 patterns.  They also have a memory function so will remember your last setting and will switch on with this setting. ears – 4 constant, and 6 patterns.  Upon first inspection, I was concerned the tips would feel stabby as they’re quite pointed and sharp and I dislike anything like that touching my somewhat sensitive clit, but they have plenty of flex to them so I can bend them down and put the ears either side.

The shaft is firm, reasonably size but isn’t too big.   If you’re a size queen it might not cut it for you.  It has huge buttons that are easy to find during play, and it’s easy to operate.

Rolling Ball in Shaft

The first time I used the Giselle I couldn’t wait to try the rolling ball against my clit.  I applied plenty of lube so it would feel comfortable and started on the lowest setting.  It feels like gentle licking, but isn’t overly powerful so I cranked it up to the top speed which is loud!!  Not one to use when the kids or housemates are at home.  It feels incredible when the rabbit is held lengthways, or turn it sideways to vary things up a bit.  It brought me to orgasm this way quite easily despite the fact that isn’t how the toy is meant to be used, and I can’t say I won’t use it in this way again!

As a Rabbit

Nu-Sensuelle Femme Giselle close up of the buttonsOK, so onto how it feels when inserted.  One thing to note is that when you use it internally, it’s an awful lot quieter!  I quite literally muffled the noise with my muff.

I like to press the rabbit against the front wall of my pussy and feel the rolling ball licking my g-spot.  Coupled with the rabbit ears rocking away against my clit, I enjoy the feeling of being pleasured inside and out. The tips of the rabbit’s ears are a tad pointy for my liking so I fold them down and push the rabbit’s nose against my little nub.  I’m so quick to orgasm this way, with everything being stimulated all at once. The shaft isn’t too big but it still manages to fill me nicely as I crank up to the top speed.  I like some power inside me and this fulfils that; it doesn’t overwhelm but it gives me enough to satisfy me.

Warning: don’t attempt to remove the rabbit whilst it’s still on. The moving ball got stuck against my pussy’s entrance and it really hurt!  Hopefully most people aren’t as stupid as me, but I thought it was worth a mention.


  • Silicone / ABS plastic
  • 10 functions plus 3 speeds
  • Dual motors
  • Unique rolling ball tip (yesssss!)
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof

Where to buy

You can purchase the Nu-Sensuelle Femme Giselle from Latex Leather and Lace for £74.95.*

*Prices were correct at the time of posting.

I was sent this item in exchange for my honest review by Latex, Leather and Lace. No affiliate links are included.