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A story about how to relinquish control in a big way. Group submission. Public humiliation. Enjoy! PP x


I feel him take my arm. My Master. He leads me towards the large front door and knocks. We wait. My Mistress is at my other side. The door opens and a smart, handsome man wearing a black tie suit beckons us inside without a word, smiling at us in turn.

Mistress exchanges words with the man on the door and we head down a scarcely lit hallway with stone floors and wall mounted lanterns. I don’t speak – I don’t need to. I just go where Master and Mistress lead me. I’m nervous; anticipation makes my body tingle and excitement makes my pussy slick. My breathing is shallow and high in my chest as I approach the main lounge.

As we enter the large, hexagon shaped lounge with its stone flooring and low lighting, we see couples and singles of varying ages, all dressed in their finest. Sounds of soft conversation reach my ears and I smell a heavy, wood scented reed diffuser. Some of the guests are wearing eye masks, hiding their identity, whilst others appear more bold and confident. We are approached by a devilishly handsome man with salt and pepper hair who extends a hand to Master. Names are exchanged, then after the formalities, words are spoken under their breath which I cannot hear. Master and the handsome man look my way and continue to whisper to each other, smirking with the same look of anticipation that I’m trying to hide.
From my other side, Mistress takes my hand firmly and undoubtedly feels my body temperature increase. I glance round at her and she winks reassuringly at me. Another couple are heading our way, a petite blonde girl wearing a light blue full length dress with a dark haired man wearing an expensive looking suit. They stare at me, but talk to Mistress who introduces me. I am close enough to hear her say “she’ll do anything we tell her to” and my cunt slickens again, my clit pulsating against the white cotton of my knickers which suddenly feel very tight.


The blonde walks over to me and smiles, reaching out to stroke my face. Her eyes work their way down my body, her hands following her gaze. She gently strokes my breast before unbuttoning my blouse. I freeze, oh god, is she going to undress me right here, in front of everyone? I look to Mistress for comfort and she squeezes my hand before stepping back so she can enjoy the view. My head turns to Mister who is watching me intently along with his handsome friend. No one says a word.


The blonde continues to unbutton my blouse, using both hands now. She is smiling as she watches me, and I feel myself start to blush. She pulls open my pink blouse and stares at my breasts in their white lacy bra.


“What do you think Rich?” she addresses her boyfriend, but never takes her eyes off me. “Take her bra off” he commands. I sense the room has gone quiet and I feel eyes upon me, lots of eyes, strangers enjoying the show. I blush more and squirm, fear and excitement taking hold of me and my clit throbs again as I relinquish total control to the strangers in the room. The blonde pushes my blouse back over my shoulders and down my arms. I hear the garment hit the floor as it drops away from my body. Mistress walks over and steps behind me, and I feel her undo the fastening on my bra. She steps back to her former position so she can watch. Blondie never takes her eyes from me and is smiling, enjoying my humiliation and my embarrassment. She suddenly yanks my bra off me, throwing it onto the floor and stares at my naked breasts, my nipples stiffening with the cold and from my arousal.


Suddenly I notice the flash of a camera as one of the guests takes a photo. I don’t have time to look around to see who it was before she is on me again, her hands heading for my trousers. She unbuttons them and pulls down my zip. Stopping suddenly, she looks back to her boyfriend who nods at her and says “take her trousers off”. Nodding back compliantly, she grabs the material of my black trousers and pulls them down exposing my white lacy knickers. She bends down to pull my legs out of my clothes but she leaves my high heels on. One leg, then the other, and now I’m stood wearing just my knickers.


Blondie steps towards me and says to her boyfriend “Shall I take her knickers off?” smiling into my eyes. He responds “yes”. I feel my cunt throb again with the fear of being stripped naked in front of everyone, and I’m acutely aware of the silence in the room. Everyone is looking. She steps closer to me, slips her fingers into my knickers and pulls them down past my thighs, my knees and down to my ankles. She pulls each of my ankles up and steps me out of my final piece of clothing, my final piece of dignity.


Throwing my pants to one side she stares at my naked body. My hands go to protect my modesty but are stopped by Master, who steps forward and strikes my buttocks hard. “No” he commands. I move my hands back to my sides. Blondie smiles even more. “Turn around and face the wall” Master dictates, and I do so. I step towards the wall and Master pushes me closer to it and orders me to “spread ‘em”.


I raise my arms and flatten them against the wall, spreading my legs wide. “Wider” says Mistress and I spread them further, as wide as I can. I turn my head sidewards and press my face against the cold wall. I hear footsteps as a crowd comes towards me, and I can see Master and the male step closer.


Hands touch my body, I feel someone pull my buttocks apart exposing my anus and someone traces a finger over it. The shock of someone touching me so intimately makes me blush harder and I catch my breath. Fingers pull at my labia, and I realise the crowd are inspecting me. My pussy is pulled wide open and fingers slide inside me, then another pair, whilst my anus is still being stroked. I feel another hand reach forwards and grab at my breast, pulling me slightly away from the wall. Another hand is on my other breast, then someone pushes against the back of my neck as if to stop me from moving.


A man comes closer to my face and licks and sucks on my earlobe, one of my most sensitive spots and I cry out. I feel something icy cold and firm poke around my anus, and someone rubs lube into me before the cold metal plunges slowly inside my arse. This takes my breath away and I cry out, before Mistress’ voice says gently into my ear “everything ok?” I let out a breathy “yes” and the groping continues. The metal plug is pushed further inside me and I feel stretched and full, the shock of the cold feels delicious. I can hear breathing all around me, deep and heavy panting, groans from males and females. “Her little cunt is so tight, can I fuck her?” The voice belongs to the blonde girl’s boyfriend. She tells him yes and I feel an erection press into my naked buttock. “I’m going to fuck you right here in front of everyone” he says into my ear. I can only manage a moan, I’ve lost the ability to speak as my senses are all overwhelmed with what is happening. A large, thick cock penetrates my wet cunt and I gasp at the feeling. The loveplug stretches my anus and I feel totally full with the dual penetration.


I hear the flash of a camera and Master tells the photographer to get a close up of my genitals and arse being filled with the metal plug and the stranger’s cock. Flashes go off again as he photographs my pussy, my nudity, my humiliation. I hear him tell Master he will pay him well for this.


The stranger’s thick cock pummels my pussy and I relish the feeling of being stretched again and again, before I hear the words “Hurry, I want to make her come” – the blonde has made her demand and with that, the boyfriend withdraws and I’m pulled by multiple hands away from the wall. I’m forced over to a table where the crowd lift me up onto my back, push me down onto the table and pull my legs apart. My limbs are held down and my head lifted so a blindfold can be pushed over my eyes. I hear the camera flash again.


It seems to go quiet and then, something touches my clit and makes me jump unexpectedly. “Stay still” Master commands. I try not to flinch as a warm, wet sensation comes to my clit. It’s a tongue. I hear moans of delight as the crowd watch whatever is happening to me. A hand grabs at the metal plug in my arse. It’s pulled out of me as someone licks my bulging clit, and I almost come at the feeling of it’s removal. My anus pulsates as it recovers from the invasion, but not for long as a pair of wet fingers are pushed into my arse. I call out and my cry is met with sounds of men panting and I feel something hot and wet shoot over my belly. That seems to set off someone else as more hot fluid hits my face and my mouth. I can taste the salty cum and wonder how long I can refrain from my own orgasm.


The fingers pound my arse and the tongue continues to work it’s magic on my clit, circling it and occasionally flicking right over the top of my aching bud. Something icy cold traces my nipple and someone greedily grabs my other breast. My ankles are pulled further apart and my neck and ears are being kissed and licked, the moans and gasps are getting louder, as are my own. Another click of the camera and it’s enough to push me over the edge; I fight and struggle with the crowd but they hold me firmer. I cry out “stop, stop” as the touching overwhelms my senses and I’m scared to open up and let go fully. “Come for me” commands Master and I feel a gushing from deep inside me as my body opens up and I push out waves of the most incredible orgasm. Someone pushes their fingers inside my cunt and I soak them. “Fuck” I yell as my orgasm takes me over, with another flash from the camera…


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