Cal Exotics Marvelous Bunny Ears in its original packaging

The Cal Exotics Marvelous Bunny Ears is a set of dual vibrating rabbit ears. I was sent these lovely bunny ears by the friendly people at Betty’s Toy Box, thanks team!

Cal Exotics Marvelous Bunny Ears in their original packagingBetty’s Toy Box have sent me a few items now which are always discreetly packaged. I have sex toys sent to my work address so this is vital! The box housing the bunny ears is super cute and stylish, as is the case with some of the other Cal Exotics toys I have. They’ve adopted a Marvel-style design with a gorgeous cartoon woman on the front, bright colours, and a circular window showcasing the vibrator. A magnetic lid opens the box and inside you’ll find some cut-out foam housing the bunny ears and USB charger. The box is so gorgeous I’ll probably keep it for storage, remove the foam inner and put my bunny ears plus a few other toys / lube inside it.

Bunny Ears

Cal Exotics Marvelous Bunny Ears sat alongside its USB chargerThe toy is small at just under 4″ long and 1.75″ wide.  It fits neatly in the palm of my hand. I love the ears as they’re thick, fat ears, not pointy or stabby! Result. They’re also super flexible (see photos) so you can bend them into whatever position you fancy.

Vibration wise this is a rumbly little bun bun, especially on the lower settings. It’s so rumbly it makes my nostrils wobble! (note: this is because I initially test vibrations on the tip of my nose which is ultra sensitive! The wider the vibrations travel, i.e. to my nostrils, lips or cheeks, the rumblier the vibrations. The more concentrated the vibrations feel, i.e. just on the tip of my nose, the buzzier the vibrations – particularly if they tickle a little).

Cal Exotics Marvelous Bunny EarsThe bunny ears have a travel lock which is very simply operated – to switch it off, press and hold the top button for 2 seconds. It re-locks automatically when you switch it off.  Travel locks are so important to ensure you don’t get any embarrassing buzzing noises coming from your pocket / handbag / suitcase!

You don’t get any separate instructions for operation with the bunny ears as they appear on the back of the box, and are also written on the inside lid.

‘Stunt’ vulva

Thrust fleshlight a.k.a. 'stunt vagina' showing the bunny ears stimulating either side of the clitoris for a review for the Cal Exotics Marvelous Bunny EarsYou will notice in this review that a ‘stunt’ vulva has magically appeared!  This is actually a fleshlight I’ve purchased from Lovehoney.  She’s called Rachel.  Everyone, meet Rachel!!

I decided to purchase a fleshlight to allow me to show you visually how I like to use my toys.  I chose Rachel from lots of other fleshlights because you can visibly see her clitoris, and you can’t with many of the others.  She’s also reasonably priced!  Rachel is available from Lovehoney for £24.99.*

Clit play

Thrust fleshlight a.k.a. 'stunt vagina' showing one bunny ear inside the vaginal entrance and the other stimulating the clit for a review for the Cal Exotics Marvelous Bunny Ears

This bunny is perfectly designed for clit play and can be used in a few different ways.  The most seemingly obvious way to use it is to hold the bunny ears so that they touch either side of your clit (left and right – see photo).  This feels pleasurable as you aren’t receiving direct clitoral stimulation, but the vibrations are rumbly enough that you can feel it stimulate the entire area.  Perfect for people who are quite sensitive and don’t like toys directly touching their love nub.

The bunny ears are so bendy, you can put them anywhere so another way I like to use this is to bend the ears wide apart, poke one of the ears inside the entrance of my pussy and use the other to stimulate my clit.  I enjoy moving the bunny’s ear around my clit in small circles, and placing it lengthways on top of my clit if I fancy some more direct action.

Holding my inner labia (labia minora) open with the ears vibrating away also feels amazing, even more so if I press the bunny down against my clit as it vibrates the visible ‘bud’ part but also the inner, hidden arms of the clit as they run alongside where the bunny ears are positioned (see photos!)


Thrust fleshlight a.k.a. 'stunt vagina' showing the bunny ears being used singularly on top of the clit for a review for the Cal Exotics Marvelous Bunny Ears

  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Dual motors
  • Premium body safe silicone
  • 10 functions
  • Travel lock
  • 1 year warranty

How to get yours

Buy your Cal Exotics Marvelous Bunny Ears from Betty’s Toy Box for the offer price of $59.99 (£46.75)!*

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* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

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