So Divine Get Lucky USB Rechargeable Vibrator

So Divine toys are super cute, I’ve always been a fan of their work (see links to my other reviews at the bottom of this page).  I was asked to review the Get Lucky Vibrator and jumped at the chance – thanks So Divine!

Looks & Description

So Divine Get Lucky USB Rechargeable Vibrator, photo showing the vibe sat inside it’s pink cylindrical boxThe Get Lucky vibe has 7 settings, 3 of which are constant speeds.  It has a memory function (which means it remembers which setting you last used and that’s the one it uses when it switches on).  It’s a lovely light pink shade and the silicone is very soft.  It has these little nubs on the head, which are quite unusual – great if you’re a fan of texture.  They’re bumpy but smooth.  The slightly curved tip resembles a finger (see photos!) and it’s 4.75″ in length.

This is a USB charged vibrator and but it doesn’t come with a cable.  Why, I hear you ask?  The USB connector is hidden away inside the vibrator itself (clever), so if you pull the ‘lid’ off, it’s there!  It’s a bit like the old ‘pull my finger’ trick, but without someone farting.

So Divine Get Lucky USB Rechargeable Vibrator

The Get Lucky comes with a slimline storage bag, which is so discreet!  It’s handbag sized, not much bigger than a thick pen, so you could totally get away with carrying it around with you.  If anyone asks, just say it’s a tampon 😉

Getting the Finger

Looking at the nubs on the tip, I decided to use some lube so they didn’t feel rough.  In fact, I prefer to use a bit of clitoral stimulant which kinda doubles up as a lube anyway!  I pop the stimulant onto my clit and allow a few seconds for it to start to tingle.

So Divine Get Lucky USB Rechargeable Vibrator, photo showing the vibrator comes apart into 2 pieces with the USB charger inside one end

Then I press and hold the white button to switch it on, and each time I press the button, it moves to a different setting.  I test the nubs out on another part of my vulva, not directly on my clit, to see how it feels.  They’re quite intense, so I prefer to turn it over and use the flat smooth back to warm myself up.

If you like ultra pinpoint precision with your vibrator then you can use the very tip.  That’s a bit painful for my liking so most of the time I use the back which feels smooth as silk.


So Divine Get Lucky pink USB Rechargeable Vibrator photo taken from the side, against a blue starry night backgroundThe vibrations err on the rumbly side, especially on the lower speeds.  Before using any vibrator on my clit I press it against the tip of my nose to experience the vibrations.  If my lips vibrate with my nose, it’s rumbly.  If only my nose vibrates and it feels kinda itchy, it’s buzzy.  There’s a lot of power in the Get Lucky and even on the lowest speed it packs a punch.

G-Spot play

I enjoy feeling the little nubs rumbling against my g-spot, even though this doesn’t look like a g-spot kinda toy.  It’s not exactly girthy, and doesn’t have a huge amount of length but it has enough to reach my g-spot.  The vibrations feel good for a while.  They aren’t enough to push me over the edge as I need substantial power internally for that, and once the vibrations are cranked up, they’re too buzzy for me.  It’s great as a warm up tool though and I like to move it from my g-spot onto my clit before I reach orgasm.


  • So Divine Get Lucky USB Rechargeable Vibrator, full packaging consisting of a pink cylindrical box3 speeds, 4 patterns
  • Premium silky soft silicone
  • Textured tip with a pinpoint end and smooth back providing lots of stimulation options!
  • 100% waterproof
  • Slimline discreet storage bag included
  • USB rechargeable with USB built in – no need for separate charger!

Where to Buy

You can buy the Get Lucky vibrator from the Harmony Store for £29.99*.

If you’d like to see my other So Divine reviews, you can find them here: Medium Butt Plug, Magic Wand, Booty PlugHalo Bullett, Silky Touch Vibrator, Vibrating Rabbit.

* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

I was sent this item in exchange for my honest review. No affiliate links have been used in this post.