Godemiche Hercules dildo, taken from the side showing the full length of the dildo, the curved shaft and the balls

I’ve had a couple of Godemiche’s dildos and I love their range of stunning colours, especially when they mix them up a bit.  The Hercules is a shape I’ve wanted to try for a while, and when I saw they were offering Hercules in this quite stunning combination of black and red I had to make it mine!

Platinum Silicone

Godemiche Hercules dildo taken from the front, view of the balls and shaft

Hercules is made of Godemiche’s platinum silicone. It’s totally body safe. This model is harness compatible thanks to his flat base. For compatible O ring sizes, see the item description as it depends on which size you order.

The Hercules’ balls adds weight and movement to the dildo and this can be felt especially when combining him with a harness. You can even have him created for a vac lock harness – you just need to contact Monika and Adam and they’ll arrange this for you.

Choose your Colour and Size

The Bi-Pearlescent colour range features two shimmering colours. There are 12 to choose from for this model of dildo. Hercules comes in three sizes:

  • Small with 6” of usable length and a circumference around the head of 4.4”.
  • Medium with 7.5” of usable length and a circumference around the head of 5.1”.
  • Large with 9” of usable length and a circumference around the head of 6.1”.

I purchased the small, which is plenty big enough for me!

Godemiche Hercules dildo, photo taken of the dildo on it’s plain packaging
The colours are beautiful; dark and rich, and Hercules is slightly shiny. He’s realistic with lots of vein detail and some realism around the head. His balls hang quite low(!) and he has a flat smooth base (but no suction cup). Holding onto the base, I slap him into my hand and delight at the heavy feel of the dildo when it whacks my palm.

Hercules is a lengthy dildo but can easily be used for shallow thrusting too.


Godemiche Hercules dildo, photo taken from above showing the shaft and head
I like to hold him facing downwards so the curve hits my g spot and I can grab the base and use it to thrust. I love how the balls bounce when I’m using this, and I enjoy grabbing them with my other hand when I’m using Hercules.

The soft squidgy silicone moves easily with my body although the inner part of the dildo has some firmness, making him feel quite large. He isn’t overly girthy which I’m pleased about as I find dildos with ridges and vein detail can feel a bit painful if the dildo is very wide.

Godemiche Hercules dildo photo of the side showing the ridges along the shaft
Thrusting with Hercules feels divine. The end of the dildo is slightly bulbous and glides onto my g spot with ease. Pumping him into my pussy is glorious when I use lots of lube. If I bend the shaft, I can even rub him against my clit a little whilst I thrust.

Where to Purchase

You can purchase the Hercules in this colour combination from Godemiche.

*Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

I purchased this item myself. No affiliate links are contained in this post.