Thank you to Lovehoney for sending me the utterly gorgeous Lovehoney Midnight Soiree Corset Set for my honest review.

I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a new lingerie range for a good few months.  I instantly fell in love with this range when I opened up the Lovehoney website and it popped out at me from the ‘What’s New’ section.  The vibrant electric blue contrasted with sexy black demanded my attention, and I was transfixed.  The whole range is simply stunning, but one piece shone more than the rest – the corset.

The delicate blue roses are embroidered into the black satin corset and the colour really makes them pop.  The satin feels gloriously silky smooth and has a slight shine, the fabric makes it look rich and expensive and it’s very well made.  I spent quite a lot of time simply admiring all the intricate detail before putting it on!  It’s not only the quality fabric and embroidery which makes this a special item; it’s also all the extra touches.  I’ll go through them, individually:


Thick black straps rise up from either side of the cups to your throat, where they’re attached to a delicate blue choker that does up with a simple plastic hook.  The strap is adjustable, and the choker is a bit stretchy so it should fit most people.  It can be worn higher up on your throat if you feel it’s too loose.  The entire thing is detachable should you wish to remove it (but why would you?!)  I really like this feature.  I intend to wear the corset out as outerwear, it’s too pretty to hide it!  And I’ll leave the choker in place.  I just need to find some matching blue dangly earrings!

Off-the-shoulder sleeves

Anything that’s off-the-shoulder seems to be supremely sexy; whether that’s an oversized tee, a Bardot top or a loose bra strap.  The lacy blue sleeves on the corset can, in fact, be worn either on or off the shoulders, but they look hot AF when worn just off them.  These are also removable if you don’t fancy wearing them.  I’ve taken photos of the straps in an upright position as well as OTS so you can decide which you think looks better!  They’re adjustable so you can tighten them up to wear them on your shoulders, or loosen them as much as you like to enable them to drop down.  I like the fact I can wear them both ways, it makes an outfit more interesting if you have something you can vary.

Lace-up feature

The rear is laced up, but fear not – you don’t need to touch this part!  The corset is fastened with an easy peasy zip to the front, so there’ll be no awkward lacing moments when you end up with one end longer than the other and the bow looking wonky!

You can adjust the lace if you wish, which will loosen up the corset.  But once you have the fit right, you don’t need to adjust this again (unless you enjoy the act of unlacing and lacing it back up again)

With the zip being at the front, it makes this outfit even sexier as you can tease your lover by slowing pulling it down…

Bones & Waist Ribbon

There are 8 comfortable plastic bones within the corset which helps my silhouette, and the ribbon around the waist draws in the centre of my body helping to promote my slight hourglass figure.  This is a feature I really like; I think it makes all the difference.  The fact it’s in black slims me even further, I feel like I have lost a couple of inches around my waist when I wear this.

Suspender Straps

The four detachable suspender straps can be clipped to stockings, but these are again fully removable.  They can be adjusted and the straps are thick, the same width as the ones connecting the corset to the choker.


The thong has the pretty blue detail sewn into the top of the back which is really cute, but you can’t really see it as the corset is longline.  If you wore it separately, I imagine it’d look nice poking out the top of a pair of jeans.  When it comes to items included with corsets, my personal preference would be to have a thong with a bit more material on it (thin G-strings aren’t overly comfortable and they don’t flatter my bum!), or some cute matching crotchless knickers.  I’d also love to see an outfit like this come with the option of buying more than one pair of knickers, or if there can’t be a choice, perhaps getting two pairs as standard instead of one.  Ditto with bra sets.  But that’s a discussion for another time!

And finally…

There are no full cups in this corset, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an impressive cleavage.  The cups are shaped and push up my boobs, so even though there is no underwiring or pronounced cup shape, I’m still sporting good boobage.


  • Satin corset with embroidered rose
  • Lace detail to the rear helps achieve an adjustable fit
  • Electric blue lace off-the-shoulder detachable sleeves
  • Sexy zip access to the front
  • Boning to help achieve that perfect hourglass silhouette
  • 4 detachable suspender straps
  • Matching thong included

Where to buy

You can purchase this stunning corset here, priced at £49.99.*

* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

I was sent this item in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are included in this post. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I make a small commission which contributes to the purchase of more products to review, but it doesn’t cost you any extra.  Thank you for your support!