Cal Exotics Red Hots Spark Clitoral Encaser against a blue background, taken from the side

Thank you Betty’s Toy Box for sending me the Cal Exotics Red Hots Spark Clitoral Encaser for review!

Sleek and attractive, the Clitoral Encaser is great for discretion as it doesn’t look like a sex toy. It looks like a flame! ?

Cal Exotics Red Hots Spark Clitoral Encaser, photo taken from the front of the whole toyBoasting 10 powerful functions and made from non-porous, hypoallergenic premium silicone, this is a luxury toy for outstanding clitoral pleasure.  It’s easy to use with a single push button to turn it on and off, and scroll through the functions. The built-in travel lock means you can travel with the confidence that it won’t suddenly make your suitcase vibrate!

As quiet as crackling fire?

The vibrations are on the rumblier side which means they travel further; so rather than just the direct area the vibrator touches being stimulated, I can feel it stimulate my whole vulva.  In terms of noise, it’s impressively quiet.  I’m yet to come across (sorry) a sex toy that lives up to ‘whisper quiet’ status, but I can find it off-putting when using an especially noisy toy.  The Clitoral Encaser is more like a gentle hum.

Fan the Flame!

(Sorry about that terrible heading…)

Cal Exotics Red Hots Spark Clitoral Encaser using it sideways, so the length presses against my clit and provides more direct stimulation onto my clitorisI like holding the end over my clitoris so it encircles it fully.  When I’m nearing orgasm, I like to flip it around and use the side of it directly on top of my clit, or just to one side.  When using it directly it feels really strong and almost painful, I can only just stand it!  It seems pretty obvious how to use the Encaser as it encases your clit, but I’ve included a photo of another way I like to use it, by holding it lengthways, for some more direct action.

If you’re using the Clitoral Encaser on someone else, you could hold it the other way around (see photo) but I don’t use it during penetrative sex as I need to keep it very still to retain contact with my clit. This makes it difficult to use during penetration as all that ‘jigging about’ can move it away from its point of attention!


So did the Cal Exotics Clitoral Encaser do it for me? Yeah, it did! ? Come on baby, light my fire! ?  I really like this toy; I like how unique it looks, I love the soft silicone and the way it looks.  I’m always up for something new especially when it comes to clit play, and this is a welcome addition to my toy box.


  • Multi-Speed, Multi-Vibration flame themed sex toy
  • Phthalate-free silicone
  • USB rechargeable
  • Waterproof

Cal Exotics Red Hots Spark Clitoral Encaser in its stylish packaging

Where to buy!

You can purchase the Red Hots Spark Clitoral Encaser by Cal Exotics from Betty’s Toy Box, currently on offer at $35.99 (approx £28.20)!*

*Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

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